PerfectWave MKII - Low output

Recently picked up a PWD MKII from original local owner. The DAC powers up. I have been able to load different updates. When connected to a transport the signal locks with the green light indicated. I’ve tried various inputs as well which all lock but same issue. Ive also tried both single and balanced outputs.

The issue is the sound is very weak and a little distorted. On my system feeding into a ModWright LS 36.5, Pass X250 to Wilson WP’6’s I have to push the preamp to about 12:00 on the volume knob to get the sound to be noticeable so Im definitely cranking it up. On my DSD MKI Im doing good to get my preamp up to 10:00 as that’s too loud for me so I know it’s not the rest of my system. By noticeable I mean very faint.

I feel it’s not getting the gain to drive the analog out as something has been cooked, output device? Before I send in to PSA I’m hoping someone on here has had a similar experience and what they did for the fix. Open to suggestions. I feel fairly confident it’s the analog board. Both transformers seem fine.


It’s been a long time since I had a PWD, but I don’t recall any feature that would lower the output like the DS Mk I (20 dB cut). So, the only thing I can think of, operational wise, is the volume control of the PWD is low (sorry if that seems obvious, just covering the bases). I know it goes to at least 100, and I think in certain configurations it goes to 106, but that part is a little fuzzy right now. I couldn’t find any reference to a maximum volume setting, once again like the DS Mk, so that’s not it.

Given that minimal help, my suggestion is to remove the top and see if any circuit boards (or anything else) came loose. This is a problem seen on rare occasion due to rough handling during shipping. Not sure if the unit was shipped, but it is worth a look. Good luck!

The same problem this morning! PWD mkII… I think it is analog board problem… or?

I think it is relais problem.

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Ended up sending in for repair to PS Audio. Sounds like they replaced two of the three boards. Turnaround time was quick and cost with shipping, new factory box was very reasonable. Plays great. I have a DSD MKI so this was a second component that was giving to me due to not working. Think total cost for the fix was around $525. Ended up selling to my Dad for what I had in it which he’s very much enjoying.

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I got excellent service from PS Audio! I replaced analog board latest revision, added one jumper to digital board and disconnected coaxial cables for I2S, all with leading of Steve - Sr. Manufacturing Engineer of PS Audio!!! Thanks Steve again.
The sound quality is much better then with old board and I enjoy pure PCM DAC very much.

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