PWT into PWD

I am just curious: the PWT uses the digital lens during cd playing; Going into the PWD I can use NativeX ánd thus using the DAC’s lens isn’t it too? So 2 lenses after one another. Are there any SQ aspects - i mean I don’t hear serious differences and are still going with Native when playing CD’s.

The Digital Lens in the PWD Mk II eliminates the need for a high-quality HDMI cable between the PWT and PWD for the I2S link. When the digital lens was only in the PWT one had to use a very high-quality cable to reduce jitter from losses in the cable.

Serious? I spent a small fortune on a HDMI PSA I2S cable… Went all the way.

Sorry, I have to disagree with streets. Yes, theoretically, but I’ve used the top of the line PS Audio HDMI (all silver wire) from the start and even after the DAC has become Mark 2, I hear a difference with every HDMI cable I’ve used (a Monster Cable, a Resolution Audio, an AR and a Mapleshade) and the PS Audio cable still sounds the best. I find even with the second Lens and the Native X mode, the cabling matters.

I will check the SQ while switching from Native to NativeX. I only have the PSAudio hdmi silver wire. Thanks for your reaction.