Balanced XLR for BHK Stack that's coming


I’m pulling the trigger on a BHK Pre and the 300’s. Already have a DirectStream Dac

My dealer is suggesting 2 pairs of Cardas Clear for the interconnects. Any experiences with this cables with the BHK? All in he’s is offing 2 pair of 1m cables for $500 if I get them with the BHK, I have to go ears unseen, but it sounds like a really good start.

Any experiences out there with these cables?


Perhaps I’ll be the 1st to try these cables with the BHK. Just gonna wing it and go with the dealer suggestion, ordering now


I don’t think you can go wrong at that price. I see they’re 2000 per pair at 1 meter on audio advisor. I don’t think you’d have a problem selling them if you don’t like them.


Thanks, sort of what I was thinking. Maybe some much nicer cables out there, but at this price seems worth the risk. They are going to lag the amps by a week or so, this means I will be able to hear them well as a change after intergrating the amp and pre


i have the cardas clear headphone cables for the hd 800S and they are amazing. i would assume
that cardas is good throughout their line. i managed to get these used for 50% off.