Be careful selling your cd player with cd pro 2

Hey there,
I sold my Audio Research to a guy living in Idaho.
It was working completely fine. I packed it professionally and it arrived yesterday. The guy proposed to pay me 2000$ via paypal, which he did, and a cd3 costing 1500$ that he would send later after mine is received. He received mine yesterday but according to him, it doesn’t work . But he doesn’t have time to work on it so he will see later in the day (basically he had time to assemble everything but doesn’t have time to look into what he paid for…). I phoned several times and he told me he doesn’t have time. Later in the day after 8 hours, he sent me an email saying he doesn’t want my player anymore as it doesn’t work, the transport is the issue and it costs 1800$ to be replaced by ARC.
Before receiving mine, he emailed me he has several cd7… Basically what I feel is that this guy took my transport (philips cd pro 2 which is rare on the market) , replaced with one of his defect ones, and now ask for a refund, keeping at the same time his cd3.
Basically he got a Philips cd pro 2 , free of charge and free shipping which is very smart in sone ways…
I provided all evidences to paypal (emails where he said he will work on it…) but not sure I will be compensated…
Be aware , him or someone else could do the same. I will not go into details of the emails i have received, even criticizing my english and my personality ( i am from France originally)
Now I am pissed off and don’t even know by what replacing my cd7 as this story did show me that parts are not available anymore for this or my future cd8 or cd9…

Where did you sell it? Audiogon, US Audio Mart, a forum?



Thanks for the warning. I am very sorry that you are having to deal with this kind of thing. It is also very unfortunate that someone is critical of your english. Ignorant and rude people often do not have any experince living in a foreign country or learning another language (that would be the majority of Americans). Your english is quite good, you’ve obviousely put in a lot of work to be proficient. Anyway, I hope the whole thing works out fairly for you.


This is not good! It could happen to anyone anywhere. I hope you can get fair resolution!

Via Audiogon, I bought a power amp but I made the mistake not asking if the unit was exposed to cigarette smoke. It was immensely terrible smelling but the seller was super cool and offered to either refund and return ship on his dime or refund me 50% plus the shipping and I could keep the amp which I did

I ended up taking it apart and very carefully and extensively cleaning it inside and out which removed the odors. It then became a bargain even though I thought it was possibly compromised from the smoke exposure but think about how much smoke was in studios during recording. Tape machines, etc.

Thank you for this kindness

Had a similar experience with an SPDIF coaxial Audio Cable recently. Sold a working one that I checked both by audio connection prior to sale, and via ohm meter check. Buyer said it was defective and returned it — he said it was damaged at the RCA connector. First, he said it didn’t play loud enough, and then it was shorted. Common cable. Just gave him a refund and moved on. When I received back the cable the ground was sheared, and pulled out of the wire insulation. Either he sent me a exact copy of the bad cable or tore the ground out by pulling the cable by something other than the RCA plug. It’s rare to run into these types of people on the Audio sales forums, but they do exist. What made me even more suspicious was he bought a second set of interconnects from me and immediately turned those around for sale on USAM. Definitely fishy. I blocked him from future purchases.

Sorry you went through this. In my case, I was able to repair the cable, and just decided to place it back in my system.

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A conman spoils it for all the good ones out there!

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I saw this identical note when you posted it on Facebook the other day. As I recall, there were offers of help in spreading the word about your buyer, but you chose not to provide any specific information about him. I guess I’m puzzled about the reason for your post. If you’re simply venting, that’s fine. Your situation is unfortunate and regrettable, and you have our genuine sympathies. But if you want help, you’re not giving us (or your readers on Facebook) any information to use in assisting you. If you’re simply warning us that selling over the internet has the potential for problems with buyers or with shipping damage, I think most of us already understand that.

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Such and awful story. I’m sorry to hear about it. Do you have the serial number on your item?

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Even courts can use name suppression for people charged but not convicted yet. It’s already bad enough to have lost a valuable item to a conman. He does not need a defamation case. Also, the conman can use a new ID and phone number on any website.

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Most of the time, you just end up eating the loss. You supply negative feedback on a bad buyer, you get retaliation feedback, which hurts you in the end.

Just saw this on Facebook: