CD/SACD ripper recommendations PLEASE!

Come one come all with your recommendations please.
A ripper that has HDMI out to feed a Dac preferably.
Tom - NJ



You do not get to sell the CD after you have ripped it.

There are lot of slimy people who thing they get to rip the CD and sell out. No! it does not that way. Grow up already. .


The only way I know of to rip SACDs is by hacking the software of certain older universal players. I’m sure you can find info about it on the internet. I doubt you’ll get much more detailed info than that in this forum.

Simply looking for recommendations makes/models and what works and is easy to operate.

Software solutions only (such as Sonore’s iso2dsd, Sonore - ISO2DSD - converts ISO files to DSD) used in conjunction with compatible players.

Lots of advice and info about ripping SACDs in this thread.

That is the app I use to rip SACDs. There are a lot of players that can be found cheap on eBay that will work. I got lucky and found a Pioneer CD player that was new in the box with the original firmware.

I rip them right from my SACDs using Sonore ISO2DSD.

I sure am glad there are people who rip their CD collections then dump the CD’s.


Thanks !

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Yes, it does. I’ve ripped well over 400 SACD on my Oppo UDP103

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I already had a several year old Oppo UDP103.

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There was just a detailed article on how to do this in Copper. Check there.


Thanks !

For SACD extraction/ripping, I use a Sony BDP-S390 Blu-ray player and the java extraction app on a USB stick.

For DVD-A and Blu-ray audio ripping, I use an external Sony CD/DVD/Blu-ray USB drive (2.0) and DVD Audio Extractor software.

For CD ripping, I use the internal drive on a an iMac (Mid 2011 I think) and either XLD or iTunes.

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I have the same set up only difference I use my PC to extract the files.

Why? Because it makes hard to find CD’s available again, right?

I could never get myself to buy CD’s illegally for sale even if inexpensive or easy to find find.

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CD’s are now like blood diamonds? If so, Discogs would cease to exist.