Beatles cables

I don’t want to derail the thread but thought I’d add this as I’m following the thread.
I’m watching the Beatles Get Back docuseries on Disney+ currently and noticed this - not an AQ Dragon power cord in sight, just bog standard ones and these what the music is recorded with?
A photo from the control room.


Just Imagine how good the recordings would of been with the Dragon! lol pun intended!


Spot on!

1000 miles of aluminum wire, several hundred feet of ROMEX, then 6’ power cord, followed by 2’ of hook-up wire inside an amp.

IF ONLY George Martin and Apple records could have bought that $1500 6’ hifi power cable. Imaging the improvement. :sunglasses:

To record something, you don’t need lots of clean power, playing something back and recreating the sound is very different though.

I want to know details about those four Russian looking monitor speakers in the control room at Apple Studios. They look awful but they seem to sound very good. If anyone can identify what they are/were please let me know.

I thought Abby road had B&W monitors in their studio? Prob not what you are looking at from 1969 is my guess.

Speaking of Abby road… I went to London on business and everyone wanted to go to buckingham palace. I was like ‘Nope!! I’m going to Abby Road’. And off I went in a cab. If any of you get the chance - just do it. I got the ‘willies’. Lol.