New PSA building's recording studio


Hi @Paul

Regarding the new recording studio in PS Audio’s new building, can you share all the gear in there?

Starting with the monitors (speakers and any headphones used for monitoring), DAC/s, amp/s etc

Maybe a video with you and Gus Skinas talking about it all will be cool too?



I recall one of Paul’s videos where they had just finished schlepping Gus’ gear into the space. It wasn’t the subject of the “Ask Paul” post - just the backdrop.

From what I recall, the speakers were the big Sony floorstanders (SS AR-1’s ?) and Pass Labs XA 160.5 monoblocks. Although Paul noted that he was going to “talk to Gus” about the BHK 300’s. :grin:

Good question, though . . .


I forgot to also ask, what A-to-D’s also (rather important for a recording studio)…

I recall Gus has used Mytek converters in the past.

Would make for a really fun video tour of the new studio and chat with Gus.


I will do that but best to wait until it gets fleshed out. It’s still in a state of chaos.


Thanks Paul! And no worries at all. Whenever she’s ready.