New PSA building's recording studio

Hi @Paul

Regarding the new recording studio in PS Audio’s new building, can you share all the gear in there?

Starting with the monitors (speakers and any headphones used for monitoring), DAC/s, amp/s etc

Maybe a video with you and Gus Skinas talking about it all will be cool too?


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I recall one of Paul’s videos where they had just finished schlepping Gus’ gear into the space. It wasn’t the subject of the “Ask Paul” post - just the backdrop.

From what I recall, the speakers were the big Sony floorstanders (SS AR-1’s ?) and Pass Labs XA 160.5 monoblocks. Although Paul noted that he was going to “talk to Gus” about the BHK 300’s. :grin:

Good question, though . . .

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I forgot to also ask, what A-to-D’s also (rather important for a recording studio)…

I recall Gus has used Mytek converters in the past.

Would make for a really fun video tour of the new studio and chat with Gus.

I will do that but best to wait until it gets fleshed out. It’s still in a state of chaos.


Thanks Paul! And no worries at all. Whenever she’s ready.

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I wonder if Pau’s studio, going to remaster from master rapes of example:

Bob Marley
The Rolling Stones
etc in dsd ?


Good luck getting The Beatles master tapes. Not going to happen.

Do you mean the uk master tapes? What about the us master tapes?

Ps. Were are these tapes?

Abbey Road. Think they left Abbey Road once when Mobile Fidelity Sounds Labs did their remaster set back in the 70s. I had that box set at one time. I think it’s a near certainty they won’t leave the studio again (at least in my lifetime). One last thing, I’m pretty certain they made 24/192 transfers. Remasters might be made from those digital transfers externally. From the tapes, not likely.

Edit: The US master tapes were copies. Capital was never given the originals AFAIK.

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Remastering jobs would tend to be more about whether Gus gets that job or not, rather than what they are doing as a recording studio. His mastering business predates this location. I was in there a few weeks ago, and it is still being sorted out. The 5.1 mastering setup lives in the big room, which will double as the main recording room. He’s switching from Pass to PS for amps, as he found them more open-sounding. The Sony speakers are not what will be in the control room with the Studer desk (shockingly small knobs on that thing!) - Gus has two pair of powered Hafler studio monitors in there - nothing to write home about by audiophile standards, but a good tool. Possibly there will be other monitors at some point. Think they’re still sorting out what to spend on as far as rebuilding the board, mics and pres, and so on.

i will be happy whit the us copies, i think capitol will be more resonable!?

Ps. I guess the same would be whit Bob Marley albums, again the master tapes in usa or uk, i guess would be more resonable to “rent” than those found in Jamaica!?