Beautiful places you've been that have moved you and you'd go again and again

Wenchi (volcanic) Crater Lake in Ethiopia. When we first arrived at the top the lake was covered with flamingos who presented an amazing sight as they flew off en masse. This was a wonderful day for the two Peace Corps families (the Armstrongs and the Binghams) traveling together on a day trip in '68.

(A more recent photo)


I was going to add Wales, especially the Brecon Beacons and Snowdonia as well. Wonderful countrysides and amazing little towns.
welsh sign


Oh man… An Idiot Abroad. Seriously, where did they find Karl Pilkington. Amazing

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Northern Italy for us. The Dolomite region, people, food and culture is really compelling.


so nice - Ive always wanted to go to the Dolomites and just haven’t made it there yet

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More images from Northern Italy.


I’d love to go back to the Greek island Hydra


Bruges, Belgium
Gir Forest NP, India


Havana is tragic and beautiful simultaneously


Mmmm yes the Brecons are almost as fab as Snowdonia (and site of Green Man festival too, when it runs) :slight_smile:

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When my son was 3 years old (almost 12 years ago), we spent two amazing weeks traveling around Turkey. The country with it’s amazing historical sites and the warm, friendly locals we met, left a lasting impression on me. Were it not for the political and cultural unrest the country has been dealing with since, we would have been back already.


Plus one for Brugge (Bruges) Belgium

… and channeling Dorothy: “…there’s no place like home.” Top of the Timberline lift at Copper Mtn earlier this week:


Bruges, city hall:


With the pandemic I’ve been doing a lot of local hiking in the Cascades.

Ingalls Lake at the base of Mt Stuart:

Spray Park near Mt Rainier:


Grand Canyon is one such place. This picture was taken a few feet from our campsite.


Sunset Bay, Oregon Coast, and the drive down coast from Washington

Probably not the most spectacular, but it was a handy photo for a first attempt at posting an image. It was a wonderful drive and mostly sunny.



Nice whip.

First time I visited the Lofoten islands in Norway was in 1990. Now my wife and I own an original fishermen’s cabin by the sea there. And, yes we do frequently take our boat out to fish :grinning:

Fishermen’s cabin from 1935:

Kvalvika (Bay of whales), seen from Ryten mountain:

Moskenes island towards Flakstad island:

Reinebringen mountain ridge (view towards north):

I’m not happy with heights, so felt quite apprehensive so near the precipice on the above photo. Nepalese sherpas built a granite stairway almost all the steep way up (ca. 1400 steps).


I have always wanted to visit there. What inspired you to buy a cottage there? It looks cold!

Yes, the cabin doesn’t currently have insulation, but we use it in the summer only. My wife inherited the cabin a few years ago (it’s been in her family since the -80s). We heat the living room using a log burner and use some electric panels here and there. When we retire in a few years time, we hope to have insulated roof, new windows and an additional insulated living room with a view to some impressive mountains. There is the possibility to insulate the floors from underneath and the walls from the outside (for sure has to happen when we install new windows). The original inner walls made from dense Russian (Siberian?) timber will not be touched - the patina it has now makes us sad to leave after vacations end…

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