Sandbags at the doors?

The thought of the IRS’ under water is frightening . . .


That scared me more than anything. Check out this prophetic picture I snapped. This is our main intersection of Arapahoe and Broadway, downtown Boulder.

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Notice the statue marker in the middle of the “creek”. The water went to the 100 year level and is now receding. PS and all of us are safe. I gave the employees the rest of the week off to dry out. Monday should be back to normal.

Everyone’s safe and sound. This used to be a walking path

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Check out this. Behind Boulder high school

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It is great to hear the water is receding. I hope the vast majority similarly are able to get through this OK.

Back in the early '80s we were involved in a very bad storm and flood in The SF Bay Area, Marin County where we had just moved.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you at this time.

Bob and Mary

I’ve heard that more rain is on the way. I hope that is incorrect. Best of luck and I hope you didn’t lose anything valuable!

The videos of the flooding shown on national news last night are sobering. Close to a year’s worth of rain in a couple of days wreaks havoc.

It has certainly made international news - that pic of the interesection of arapahoe and broadway is astonishing. Anyone unfamiliar with what Boulder Creek normally looks like should have a quick google of it to see what it looks like under normal conditions…WOW

As a St. Louis resident, that experienced the Flood of 93, the people of Colorado have my deepest sympathies. Never underestimate the power of water.