Beef's Ten Cent Tour

In Boulder for the Weekend, and I took some pics while walking around with Paul. Sorry - meant to put the captions above the photos : )

Here’s Sales’ new home, with plenty of room to grow, - which is the Plan : )

and on the other side of the room, the New Wall Of PS History taking shape.

Since it’s a big deal to a lot of us, here are the new Music Rooms for the AN’s, etc:

MR1, which will have a pair of each of the big AN’s under development on either end, likely sharing a source/amp stack in the middle - that way you can’t attribute differences to differences in the source stack. The ceilings will be coved and vertical corners 45’ed.

MR2 - the new home of the Mighty IRSV’s. The white hoses coming down by Paul’s head are from the hyper-quiet new AC units on the roof.

MR3 - unlike the first two, open to the hallway, and will be outfitted more like a living area than a dedicated sound room, and will host the small AN’s and a Stellar Stack. Or the two-ways…or whatever ; )

The alternating-stud, double-wall construction of the MR’s. These will be covered in double layers of sheetrock.

The Sound Control insulation that will be stuffed into the walls.

A bad shot of Paul explaining the new room where units will be built and orders filled, based on efficiency studies. So the rack you see to the left might hold an order composed of a diverse selection of items destined for Japan, for example, rather than the former rooms where only specific items were assembled, independent of destination.

A station and bins to the left of the above.

A rack of Asian and Euro Power Plant panels and boards, ready to be assembled.

Way down there is Paul - in the area where the AN’s will be built.


Moving to Gus Skinas’s Mastering Room/the new PS Recording Studio (part of the space I’m personally geeked about):

Here’s the Left Rear speaker and its Pass Amp. (shhh…Paul is trying to talk Gus into switching to BHK’s. Keep that under your hats. It’s a Secret.)


Front L/C/R, Meitner DACs and Sonoma System (left of the desk) for Gus’s mastering setup. Temporary baffles behind the speakers.

Behind the left and right speakers you can see one of the modifications to the room - the left is looking into the new Drum Room for the Studio, and the right corner is currently housing a couple of Gus’s reel-to-reel decks.


The Center and Right Sony SS-M9ED’s. Not sure if the bits on top are added Super Tweeters, or if they came that way.

The 3M and Sony decks in the right front corner room.

On another subject entirely:

Bonus Prize Quiz:

Ignoring the white top bit, which is a background for product photos, can you guess what the original purpose of the table below that is?


Thanks or the photos! Glad to see what the inside looks like with people, desks, equipment, and (soon to be) music rooms. Catch any views in the “skunk works”? There must be something new we can pester Paul about.

I must say, when I looked at a satellite view of the two buildings, the new one didn’t look that much bigger. Paul’s video tour (a while back) showed lots of room, but it was empty which is deceiving. From your photos it appears there is lots more room compared to the old building, must be some sort of digital lossless compression going on …

Edit: I got to the bottom of the post and then made my reply. When I returned to the original post I was shocked to discover there several were more photos. Did you add them in an edit of your own or did I just have a “senior moment”?

I added it in several edits, because I’m anal.

Yep - the new building is two stories vs. one. PS has twice the space AND is renting out space to tenants.

Forgot to mention that Gus just did his first job in the new space - finishing the SACD release of the 50th Anniversary of Beggar’s Banquet. : )

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I recall Paul saying it was two stories, though I recall from his video tour there were some parts that the first floor was open to the ceiling. Regardless, more space is good! I’ll need to make another visit in the near future, I heard there’s going to be a party soon! Would love to see Gus at work, but probably not his idea of a good time …

Nice, Mr Beef.

I came out to find a place to live, and it’s kind of a shame that I ended up in such an ugly-assed neighborhood, but, hey.

Here’s the view from the deck:

And the park across the street is kinda gross as well:


Bummer. Keep you eye out for a nicer neighborhood. And thanks for the pics Beef.

When I’m there, I’m constantly late for things.

“It’s kinda run down and derelict - pity it hasn’t a decent view” :slight_smile:

Thanks to "Good"Beef, I hope you left a camera on in the AN area.

You could have at least taken a photo on a nice day to make it look a little better …

Apropos the quiz question, I would guess a form of draughtsman’s table.

Good guess…but no. As a bit of a hint, the little black box on the lower right is a foot-activated switch for raising and lowering it. And the white bit on top replaced a completely different sort of piece.

I know what you’re saying - if you just look down on it from Google’s Eye view, it doesn’t seem to have as big a footprint. But as in the photo of the warehouse area where Paul is standing in what will be the AN Assembly Area, they’re using a lot of that vertical space/cubic footage. And generally, the whole space feels of much more elbow room.

Sadly, I won’t be moving until mid-october, otherwise I would stick my “B” camera up in a corner on timelapse, which would be cool to see.

I expect I’ll be spotted as a tourist or newbie for a while, as I’ll be standing around staring a lot, with a stupid grin on my midwestern face. Didn’t even know that park was there when I first looked at the rental, as it’s down the other side of a hill. It felt like going to Disneyland ; )

beef… you way underestimated your 10 cent tour…it ranks up there with the best 2 bit tours I have ever seen…:grin:

Thanks! At those rates, I may actually have to start charging ; )

Just curious what color Outback you’re getting or already got?

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Organically farmed purple pigments were used, and fair trade car painters artisinally applied it.

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