Here's a cool shot of Music Room Two

Got my Pano button on the iPhone lit up and took this picture of the new Music Room Two.


it look’s great!

Good job Paul!

Look at that wall of P20s!!!

The room looks beautiful! I bet it sounds great too!

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Thanks! More work to come but it’s a great start.

Awesome picture and set up. Glad to see what appears to be the A/C unit in the upper right… It was bloody HOT in Music Room One when I was there in Boulder listening… :slight_smile:

Hey! Next time wipe off all that drool off the camera!!!


Very nice looking Paul, congratulations! If only I could keep my room so clean! Like amsco15, I noticed the three P20 also, are all three dedicated to the IRS? The IRS have dedicated amps for the subs, correct? They on one P20? Presume you also have one BHK 300 for each mid/tweeter tower, how are they connected, one to each P20? Wretched excess!

I’m a little surprised to see the turntable is still there, Clearaudio if I recall, is it hooked up? When I stopped by a year and a half ago it wasn’t hooked up and didn’t have a cartridge. In the interim you haven’t sounded any more interested in vinyl, so there must be a reason it is there. I don’t see an NPC or other phono pre so makes me wonder if it is waiting for a Stellar or BHK phono pre!

Too bad you’re using a local A/C unit (noise). Some commercial installations (like operating rooms where noise needs to be avoided) use attenuation dampers in the ductwork to reduce blower fan noise. At home I just used flexible/lined/insulated ductwork and can barely hear the furnace fan running from 25 feet away.

The three P20 are wonderfully wretched excess but man do they make a difference! I replaced the two P10s that were there and the improvement was immediate. I have the two BHK 300 fed from one P20 and each of the subwoofer amplifiers for the IRS on their own

The turntable is there and not yet connected. We suffered a little damage in the move so one of our techs is going to repair it then install the Lyra cartridge. Darren’s finishing up the Stellar phono stage and will need a reference rig to test
on. Then there will be the BHK phono which BHK himself is listening to at home but eventually it’ll come here.

I am most excited at the moment to hear what Darren’s work will wrought.


We have similar “ductless” AC units at home. Since the compressor is outside the house, in their “quiet mode” ours are virtually silent. They do make noise when running at higher speeds.

Glad to hear there might be a super BHK phono. I’m considering upgrading my Aesthetix Rhea Signature so I’m interested in learning more about the BHK phono.

Paul when you plan to offer the Stellar phono info out? Pics? Features, price, and ETA?

As I understand PSAudio as a mainly digital minded company (even if there’s a certain phono history, too), seeing vinyl rather as an antiquated matter of taste and preference than having the potential to play at eye level with different strengths, I’d be much interested in the kind of mindset and enthusiasm, also sound philosophy this product branch is followed up.

The pano view seems to exaggerate the non-paralellness of the side walls.

I don’t have much of a plan. At the moment what exists is a large PCB with luges bristling off it as we wait for Ver 2 of the revised board. Once we get that and running (past the smoke test) then engineering can assemble it into a Stellar chassis, test out
the remote control (yes, it has a remoter control for cartridge loading options), and then I’ll snap some pictures.

It will be one of the quietest phono preamplifiers ever built. Darren’s quite proud of the noise and distortion levels (he’s in a competition of sorts with his buddy, John Curl).

Yes, indeed. Bascom’s already listening, tuning and tweaking the circuitry.

Sorry but I don’t understand your post. Are you saying PS Audio shouldn’t do anything with Vinyl because you see it as antiquated and it can’t produce quality music compared to digital?

Not sure what you just said either but vinyl is far from antiquated. I now prefer digital because with the DS I finally have a DAC that competes head on with analog. It also gives me the ability to listen to almost anything I want with a tap of my ipod screen- that is beyond amazing. I don’t miss the open album covers (or cd covers) all over my listening room either. If you want to talk antiquated I’d put CD’s at the top of that list.

Misunderstanding, no.

What I mean is that PSAudio selling vinyl gear is a little like an Apple shop selling books or however one wants to compare. Probably a bad comparison.

So better said, I mean, if a company (so my perception) who doesn’t have a high appraisal of analog/vinyl technology and playback and not practicing listening to it except for the own development phase…then releasing a high end phononstage…is something worth to ask for mindset/goals/current experience with competitive products behind imo.

But I very much welcome PSA making a phono stage, especially in the BHK range as I’m quite sure BHK (who seems to be also vinyl listener) will surpass expectations again.

So to me it’s just a little as if Tesla temporarily hires a Porsche developer to make a combustion engine to complete the portfolio, although it doesn’t fit into Tesla companies mindset and usual argumenting.