Beginning of tracks getting clipped with Bridge II

Disappointing. Got the Bridge ii yesterday, and having the problem some others have reported with the beginning of tracks being cut off. Intermittent, I’m not sure yet what is the pattern, I’ll test more over the weekend.

However, what I can say:
– Was connected from ROCK server to DSD via USB before, and not once had the problem.
– Prior setups (LMS/Logitech Transporter and KEF LS50w) never experienced any network-related problem - drops, missing track beginnings, etc). I have very little traffic on my network and a dedicated high quality Ethernet switch, so confident it’s not network. In any case, why would network cause just the start of a track to get cut off…? Nope.

So, pretty clearly a bridge ii problem. Not ROON, not network. Is there any official word from PSA support on this?

I too had this problem. Try increasing the resync delay in Roon. 100ms ‘fixed’ it for my setup. I believe this gives the Bridge II time to sync with the stream and avoid dropping this first few bytes.


Thanks and let us know if this helps. If not, contact us and we’ll get it handled.