DSD DAC Shuffle issue with Bridge 2


My DSD DAC cuts off the last 8-10 seconds of tracks when shuffling then changing from DSD to a different format. It also cuts off a few seconds off the end of tracks when changing resolutions a lot of the time. I’m frustrated with this for sure. Is there a fix? Is this typical?


What server and player software are you using?



JRiver 22 for Mac and the latest for the B2 and DSDac


There are several settings in jRiver that should fix this issue. I’ll post them when I get to work.



Right click on the bridgeII in the playing now section of jRiver. Then in the “DLNA controller Options” make sure “Ignore Transport Events” is set and “Disable SetNext Support” is set.



It was. So I unchecked them both and so far it seems to work. I’ll keep you posted. UNCHECKED seems to be the key.


Glad to hear it. In earlier version they need to be checked.



Still getting cut-offs…