Bringe II Update - Songs no longer cut-off

Awesome! I shuffle music most all of the time. When I shuffle tracks with different bit/sampling rates the song gets cut off at the end when the next track has a different rate, especially with DSD tracks .Usually the last 5-10 seconds of the sound are stifled. pulling-hair_gifAfter the new update this seems to have been fixed! music-078_gifAWESOME! clapping_gifclapping_gifclapping_gif

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However now it skips the next track if it’s a different resolution…pulling-hair_gifpulling-hair_gifpulling-hair_gif

What software do you use? JRiver?

This is a problem that’s been around for a while and why I’m still on an old software version. In JRiver, right click on the bridge and you’ll see some menu choices like “Ignore Setnext,” “Ignore transport events” and another with a name I don’t recall. Experiment with those settings. They exist to fix renderers that don’t follow the rules. Unfortunently, the Bridge can be a pretty flawed device.

“Experiment” is the right term. I recently started having problems that went away when I unchecked those option. Years ago I had similar problems that were fixed by checking them. Maybe something changed in the most recent version of JRMC. Or maybe it was gremlins.


Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll give them a try.

It seems to be working! Initially I had just the center item checked (from long ago.) I then checked the bottom one (in addition to). It helped a bit for a while. After that skipped a DSD track I checked the top one (so now all 3 are checked). Been working seamlessly for 90 minutes!

Thanks for your help! I’ll post if it ends up skipping more.

@Paul -this might be the only fix I needed.

Wybe said

What software do you use? JRiver?

Yes. On a MAC mini. Thanks for helping!

Did anyone else notice track changes are delayed for ~5 seconds after the last bridge update?

Still have to get rid of this.

Track changes for me are taking 1-2 seconds.

I am getting my normal gapless playback with Roon. In other words, track changes take zero seconds.

Thanks guys, I will have to look somewhere else then.

Holy crap it it such a relief to shuffle music without dreading the end of the track where the last 5-10 seconds may or may not be cut off!

Amen bruthuh!! I was feeling for you. :).