Belden ICONOCLAST Interconnects and Speaker Cabling

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Excellent review of ICONOCLAST speaker cable. The expansive and real life soundstage is a firm character of the design. When I designed the cables, you have to voice the product, like it or not, and that voice is mine. A “number” less defines my reason for this voice, unlike the design verification measurements. How L and C are derived change that voice.

I had several reference cables costing tens of thousands a set to a few bucks a set, and to me, the lack of that immersive soundstage was slightly there or AWOL in referenced speaker cables. ICONOCLAST projects a WIDE, DEEP and convincing soundstage I really missed under extended listening sessions. The BODY of the sound is more 3D in dimension and size.

Cables that sounded more “precise” I determined were the result of what is MISSING to my (emphasis on “my”) ear. Take a complex painting. At first view it is more than the eye can take-in. REMOVE parts of the painting until the eye can “immediately” focus on the remaining scene. A black dot on a page is pretty precise! We aren’t talking this extreme, but the ear and eye see and hear similarly to detail. The soundstage that was more “precise” was truly that, but what was missing took away the realism of the painting. I decided to keep the realism, as that is what is most missing in 2-channel stereo. I decided adding a soundstage dimension that is natural, and realistic, is what makes a stereo so enjoyable to listen to. Are stereo images more realistically oriented in spacing coloration? Technically STEREO is a coloration, but to trick the ear into feeling it is part of an actual event is what this hobby is all about.

Quality cables can do either method; precision versus soundstage, and I’m glad you feel ICONOCLAST does “it’s thing” really well. Precision and edge detail are anything but lacking in this product as the ability to REMOVE the overlap between instruments is what ALLOWS that soundstage to exist with proper visual image placement.

ICONOCLAST was developed by myself, and ONLY myself so the voicing as it is, is my fault or my success. Another same as design that wasn’t the purpose of ICONOCLAST, but using honest engineering to develop a cable completely isolated from the current fashion was. Does it sound convincing in a stereo reproduction? Does it ADD anything that is hard to find in current cable at REASONABLE prices. Sure, I could find cable that was close, but at museum level prices, to be seen and looked at but could never be heard. I wanted to bring a sense of realism to everyone as a viable choice.

Choice is good, especially a choice between two excellent products where there was just one before. Your ear will admit to you when an important listening aspect is tardy, listen to that voice and choose to please that inner voice. Do that and either choice is a good one. What is right is what is right for you. ICONOCLAST is a CHOICE, and delivers a true difference for the price we ask. This is exactly why it exists in the market. We hope many will feel this choice is the right one, and at a fair price.

Galen Gareis


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I can testify the Iconoclast cable and Snowmass have added more dimensions, instrument separation, clarity, precision to both of my audio systems than I thought possible. My impressions were confirmed by a friend who recently commented the system sounded 10x better. He seems to favorably compare my mostly PS Audio system to his Boulder and Esoteric system.

@DrPain what Iconoclast cables did you install? Speaker cables? Interconnects? Both?

Also, what cable did you have prior?

What cable have I used?
The short answer to that would be all the cables I have been selling on this site. I think the last set up I had before switching over to the Iconoclast cables were, Shunyata interconnects between my transport, DAC and preamp, and ZU Mission between my preamp and Monoblocks. Siltech speaker cables. Will Glenn introduced me to the Gen 1 TPC and I was hooked. The short version of my cable journey is I eventually switched to the Gen 1 UPOCC interconnects for the entire system. It was like adding an expensive new component to the system. I am now running Gen II thanks to Galen, and SPTPC speaker cable. As stated by others on the forum, the copper and construction makes a noticible difference is sound. Each generation is an improvement. The current Blue Jeans pricing is phenomenal. You should audition a pair, but be forewarned you will want to buy them, even if it means breaking your budget to do so.


That’s the kind of feedback I like, comparisons and overall impressions. I could care less about the technical mumbo-jumbo. Can’t wait to audition them. Thanks.

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Greetings and Merry Christmas to all! Good news from Kurt in Seattle. We are now in possession of Gen 2, 4x4, XLR cable in OFE and can be ready to ship in days. Gary, Chris and Roger’s orders will ship later this week and though I can’t tell you exactly when they will arrive, it will be soon. Sometimes the holidays can cause delays. I then have another dozen or so audition orders for TPC waiting until cable arrives. I will certainly keep everyone up to date. The OFE variants will be incredible interconnects. It is Christmas you know. Feel free to shoot me a note if you are interested in trying one or more pairs or place your orders on the website at Thanks to all!! By the way, you should spend time on the site as well. There is a wealth of information on the best HDMI and data cables available.

Bob Howard

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Wow that’s great news. Do you know if an email will be sent out with a tracking #?



I will try to get tracking to you when they ship. Thank you.

Any word on the tax issue for orders placed before Jan 1?

Thank you, I’m on the waitlist already.

Bob, Galen, and Kurt have been incredible to work with in getting auditions of TPC and SPTPC
Iconoclast speaker cables (I kept the SPTPC) — and the TPC Gen II XLRs. OFE Gen II XLRs are what will be on the way soon (and the likely keepers?). Guys, thanks for the excellent customer service! And wishing you and your families the best this holiday season…


Hi Brett, I’m giving you a call. We have not received the 4x4 in TPC yet. Working on it.

We are HOPING to have the TPC XLR material very shortly – long, long (and very dull) story, but while it is supposed to be on its way to us we won’t be sure until we actually see it. I’m about to make the OFE orderable on the website – for TPC and OCC, you’ll be able to view prices, but not to order.


Are Iconoclast speaker cables available in a bi-wire version? If so, how much does it add to the cost of a 3 meter TPC cable set?

Hi Jeff, essentially, a bi-wire variant would be the same as 2-pair of cables and would be priced accordingly. They are available in whatever configuration of cable and terminations you like. Though I’m happy to quote your exacting need, we might want to discuss gains of such a cable as apposed to solid copper jumpers and a single pair of cables. This is where Galen will step in. Thank you!!

I too would be interested in Galen’s (rower30) thoughts on bi-wiring. I know he had Vandersteen Quatros at one time, so he has some experience. I may be reading into JeffofArabica’s post, but I think he was thinking of internal bi-wire, versus a true bi-wire where there are two separate runs of full range cable, joined only at the amp end. I have Vandersteens and Richard Vandersteen recommends true bi-wire which can get expensive. If I go with the Iconoclast my inclination would be to start with one run and a jumper, but before doing so I would like Galen’s thoughts.

Galen is on a Christmas Caribbean cruise and not expected back for another week. He does respond if able but please be patient. He will respond to bi-wire scenarios.

Thanks Bob! I knew he was on a cruise, but didn’t realize he was still on it. I’m not in a hurry, though the new sales tax issue will add a little sting!

Hi all,

Yes, true bi- wire acts like a current divider between the lower frequency drivers and the upper frequency drivers. The concept is to remove the more reactive current back EMF from the bass drivers speaker wirefrom the more reactively stable treble drivers speaker wire. Look at passive speaker impedance traces, the bass is a far more unstable load.

But, quatro speakers are not regular passive speakers. The lowest bass is amplified, so the bass leads see a much better, and more stable, input load going into the amplifier than standard speakers using passive cross-overs. This is a plus. The worst load to the amplifier is a separate system.

I used bi-wire as each section is really two different speakers, and the active external crossover also separates the two halves of the speaker frequency range with a sloped low and high pass filter box, also unique to quatros. The bass is attenuated from the external amplifiers amplification requirements, improving the accuracy.

Still, the upper bass / treble isn’t real efficient on these speakers, so a good deal of drive current is still needed from the external amp. And, the powered subs are true subs in Quatro speakers (best bass I have ever heard in my room).

The upper frequencies above the subs still have a pretty stiff current demand from the external amp, where the subs are just powered off the speaker leads into a high impedance / low current input to a class B amplifier that is specially made to work with the bass drivers.

As different as the two systems are, I’d keep them separated with true bi wire. DON’T use jumpers.

Richard is a great guy and he’ll tell it like it is get the best from this unique and very compelling for the size speaker.

You could try cheaper leads on the subs as this is an easier load, and better cable for the upper range that is a far wider frequency range and more difficult load.

The quatro sub leads are more like a low current interconnect than higher current speaker cable.