"Cheap" pre-ICONOCLAST cable choices

What are some, let us say under 400$, cables that apply similar techniques as ICONOCLAST for curing the EM transmission?
With not quite as tight tolerances, I’m sure we get close to iconoclastic performance with not quite as much shekels.

Are the Kimber cables in this affordable price range good for the money, for example? Signal Cable is widely acclaimed too… What first comes to mind.

I’ve been using Kimber PBJ and KCAG for decades. The Iconoclast BAV RCA cables were better. More transparent and more dynamic. I replaced all of my rca’s with BAV.

I still use Kimber 4TC and 4VS for speaker cables. When I can afford them I plan to try the Iconoclast speaker cables.

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It’s pretty hard to beat the BAV cables for the money. Especially if you have longer runs. I have a 32’ long set of XLR’s going to my power amps.


The BAV cables are very good. Try them. I suspect you will be pleased.

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Okay then.
Would I expect better perceived difference by changing interconnects from Signal Cable 100$ RCAs (great performers for $) to BAV RCAs or changing QED Silver Anniversary XTs silver-plated cross-braided hollow cables with PE cores and insulation (also great bang for buck, 10$/m/3ft), to Belden BAV speaker wire / or Kimber?

Should I consider keeping my very affordable cables and jump from 100$ to >1000$ ICONOCLAST cabling when capital allows? What can I expect from going pre-iconoclastic with BAV from my current, mentioned, cabling?

All of the Belden / Bluejeans / Iconoclast cables are free to audition for 30 days so it is easy to try them all and decide which ones fit the bill.


I don’t trust they’ll arrive here from US in 30 days from purchase… I guess it can be negotiated to be from arrival. Hopefully

Call or email them. I dont know if the offer stands for outside the USA. I thought you were inside the USA.

I’ve had good luck with Audio Sensibility.

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As well here, and I believe another forum member now has…