Belden ICONOCLAST Interconnects and Speaker Cabling


90 degree XLR terminations. I don’t have clearance for the straight XLR connectors with the rather significant bend radius of the cable so I’ve temporarily pulled out my DAC and turned it around. I will send these back to BJC for retermination.


Aha! Thanks for the clarification, great idea


I thought the speaker cables were good, but now feel having both interconnects and speaker cables is really synergistic. I’m not going to remove the speaker cables to find out but I suspect the interconnects have just as much and perhaps more impact on the presentation.


I’m expecting my interconnects to connect with my address any minute now!
What material do you have?


You are correct, sir.


Lowly TPC throughout.


That’s what I have coming. Can’t wait.


I look forward to your impression. Get ready to listen to your favorites all over again.


My Gen2 XLR interconnects have been in place for a couple hours. They replaced my once-loved Zu Audio Event Mk2’s. The difference is remarkable. Trying to avoid the standard hyperbole, I’ll say that they’re better in every way.
I asked Blue Jeans Bob if they need break-in and he said, maybe, it depends, I dunno. If they get better yet, I’ll be further amazed.
And just to do what I always do with something new, after an hour, I switched back just to revisit the Zu’s.


I’m having my first proper sit down and listen day with the full compliment of TPC. Better in every way is a good way to describe it.

I realized a further tightening of the sub frequencies as a bonus. My flabby room needs all the help it can get.

I can confidently live now with the understanding that my room is my limiter. It’s too much trouble to evaluate another :wink:


Hopefully, I wasn’t that wishy washy…LOL! Break in is just one of those things that seems to be dependent on the listener. My reply was that to me, cables break in within 12-18-listening hours. Others say the cables are wonderful “right out of the box.” Others say it took 2-weeks for them to break in. The truth is somewhere! Better ask Scully to look into it. These cables are amazing and only get better with time. That time is in our ability to adjust and hear the many improvements in dynamic contrast, detail, coherence and in time/phase improvements. Galen’s designs are not voodoo and are explained scientifically if you can read the design briefs and white papers we have available. The 4x4 XLR design is remarkable in that you are achieving improvements normally limited to the very expensive copper variants in the TPC products. If you think these are good you should at least experience the OFE and when available UPOCC products. I’m grateful to Ron and Brett for sharing their observations early. A number of orders are being delivered today and I am hearing over and over just how many smiles are being made. Have a great weekend to all!!


My cables are at the local Fed Ex and won’t be delivered until Monday. I wish I could just go over there and get them.


I only changed out XLR’s and yet I still hear a big difference.

Old XLR’s sent music at me with an etch and aggressiveness.

Iconoclast OFE is musical and one of the biggest things is that harmonic information localizes tighter to the instrument :slight_smile:

Electric guitar distortion is distinct from recording to recording. When there is supposed to be mud, it is there. Others are sweeter. Now I hear more distinction between recordings. And for the record, I’m talking about 99% DR5-8.




Sorry, buddy.


Don’t feel to bad for me, I do have the speaker cables and the xlr cables, I’m just waiting for the rest of the cables.
I’m glad everyone likes them as much as I do. I don’t know if my cables broke in or not, I didn’t really notice.


Call FedEx and tell them you want to pick them up there, that’s what I did.


These interconnects do sound good at first, but now with around 240 hrs on them, they have gotten better.


I talked to Fed Ex, they said the box was on the truck already for Monday. Thing is I saw Fed Ex deliver packages to my neighbors to the north and south of me tonight, lol. Oh well Monday will be here soon enough.
It’s amazing how more bass is evident with these cables.


I find using these cables is similar to Ted’s upgrades to firmware of the DSD. The sound does not fundamentally change, but everything is ever so much more so.