After upgrade to the latest 1.21 the DS worked just fine for a week or so then sudenly It dosent take the Spdif

I get red signal, all the rest input workes just fine

can it be some bug in the latest upgrate?

Hello Bengt and welcome. Many of us are using FW 1.2.1 with no issue like this. Have you tried a different digital cable, or tried to flash the FW back to an earlier version?

Yes I have tried that

and tried different cabels different players

the problem is that it dosent take coax

There’s no change in the code that affects S/PDIF, AES/EBU and/or TOSLink - the FPGA doesn’t know the difference between them and uses (a copy of) the same code to read each of them.

Something else had to have changed, either the DS hardware (not very many components to fail there), the cable, the source (hardware, software or configuration) or perhaps which AC outlets the DS or the source are plugged into causing a DC offset change.