Good quality SPDIF Splitter for DAC's coax input?

I’m looking for some 2 or 3 to one SPDIF switch so I can use the single coax input of my dac for SPDIF sources, anyone care to share what’s good and what are you using?


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i’d be interested too - all i could find was video switchers.
i ended up using toslink, 4 way switchers available on amazon for “buttons” (ok if you have some sort of reclocking after it).

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Years ago I figured out how to make used of all those useless RCA Video inputs on my Denon AVR-1802. You guessed it, S/PDIF switcher ! I’d run the HDMI inputs directly to my TV. Worked great.


i’ve seen old video switchers and patchbays on fleabay from not much. i haven’t yet but i may one day for the lols :slight_smile: