Directstream input failure

It seems the coaxial input on my Directstream DAC has failed. I tried different cables and the result is the same. All other input are normal. Tried to reload firmware and power down but there is still no connection. Anyone has similar experience?

This is truly odd.

I do not recall a previous report, but this is far from decisive. Please let is know how you get this resolved and what happened.

You did not mention if you tried a different source of coax digital.
Are you sure the source is good?

Yes, I tried another source using the coaxial input and that does not work either. The source the coaxial was connected to is now playing normally using a AES/EBU connection. Normally, both coaxial and AES/EBU were connected and I was playing through the AES/EUB for most of the day. I then switched over to coaxial to hear the difference and found there is silence.

Have you tried rebooting the DAC (turn off and on at the back)? Might be some kind of firmware glitch.

Yes, even tried to downgraded to 3.0 and upgraded back to 3.05. Still not connected. I can only imagine it is some hardware issue.

Did you check the RCA outputs on the DAC?

Unfortunately a half year ago I have had the same experience.
The coaxial input suddenly was totally dead.
The only solution was to have the complete digital board replaced by the dutch retailer (Aspera Audio).
Another 300 dollars through the drain . . . . .

Thanks. This is what I fear. Since the other inputs are working fine, I may just leave it but get a replacement board ready just in case. Probably need to talk to Paul or his people as I am in Hong Kong.

Radar can easily replace the digital input board for you if that turns out to be the problem. It’s pretty rare we have to replace those but it has happened. You should not have to pay anything. Patrick and the boys should take care of you.

Thanks Paul. Will try and contact them but it is over one year old. I suppose I can leave it for the time being and just use the other input and it will not do any damage to the DAC? I do not think I can live without my DAC for a few weeks.


I am so sorry. It certainly;y won’t damage anything and if it’s just a replacement of the digital board it could be handled while you go have a cup of coffee if you’re in HK.

The coaxial input on my DSD Sr also went south about 6 month ago. It all of a sudden stop working, but all the other inputs are still alive. Since I can use a adaptor on the XLR in place of the coaxial, that’s what I have been doing from my Oppo player. I also didn’t want to sent it in and wait a few weeks without music. I guess I could of and listen to analog only since it sounds better anyway. But I really didn’t need the extra input, and need the dac for movies from the Oppo so I didn’t bother with it.

Miss the one year warranty by a few weeks, which is not uncommon, no matter how long the warranty period is. Still that is life. By the way thanks for two truly wonderful products the DMP and the Directstream.

Hi @vmak,

We guarantee our products for three years and as such are happy to provide you or Radar with the board at no charge so that you can fix the problem you encountered.

If you wouldn’t mind, please send an email to our international account manager Travis and he will coordinate between you and Radar. You can reach him at

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Many thanks.


Hi! Been thinking about the arrangements. Does Radar has to check the machine first, then order the parts from you and do the repair when it arrives or Travis can co-ordinate so the parts are sent to Radar and I just take the machine to Radar when the part arrives? If it has to be the former, and I appreciate that may have to be the case, the down time will be weeks and I may have to do that in the summer when I am away (since I am only in my 14th months of ownership). If it is the latter, the down time is much shorter and I can do that any time. Just cannot be separated from my beloved DAC for very long, sorry. Please let me know. Many thanks!


Radar tends to be accommodating of customer needs, so I think we should be able to go with the latter approach you mentioned.

The problem and solution are both clear so I don’t see any major roadblocks.

Go ahead and send Travis an email and he’ll work with you and Radar to ensure you get back up and running :grin:

Thanks, will so shortly.


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Hello Vanky MaK,

I have contacted Radar in hopes of setting this up for you.


Travis Townes | International
Sales Manager
1-800-PSAUDIO direct 720-402-3923 Boulder, Colorado