Best CD this year........already

I have now experienced something amazing…no, something really astonishingly fantastic! Really!!
What I’ve done is that I’ve listened to the 5.1 SACD “Verdi - Requiem” played by LSO and was released 2017.

I give the soundquality of this SACD 10 out of 10 and I give the music…I give…well, the meter is not enough for the music.

I can already now say that this is the best record of the year for me since I can never think that I’ll find anything that even comes close in magnificent greatness as what this SACD gives you.

If you have a great 5.1 SACD-stereo with good dynamics, don’t hesitate. Run out and buy this miracle of SACD at once!

PS. But bee warned! If you have the volume TOO loud the speakers will blow you into your neighbour. DS

Yes, the SACD is 77 minutes & 55 seconds long but I felt that I’ve just started to listen when I’ve already come to the end.
It’s that good.


Great find - thanks for sharing.

Good news: The recording is also available on Qobuz in FLAC 96kHz 24bit.
Listening to it now.


This was a live recording done at the Barbican (the LSO’s home) in 2016 with Noseda and an Italian all-star cast. I remember reading the fabulous reviews at the time.

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Glad to hear you’ve found a LSO Live recording with remarkable sound. I’ve bought so many LSO SACD’s with less than stellar audio quality I’d given up interest in the LSO Live label.

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Giving it a preview at the desktop station now…thanks for the recommendation.

I can already tell that setting a listening level in the “big rig” is going to be a challenge – quite the “dynamic range” with this recording.


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