Seeking SACD recommendations for optimal demonstration of the DMP and DS

Santa, who cannot afford to let his facilities lie fallow for even a week, wants to take advantage of the relative quiet of this forum to ask for SACD recommendations. The elves further clarify that this is specifically to select a few SACDs for optimal demonstration of the DMP and DS, seeking a mind-blowing acoustic experience. They mention that, as there is already a large overhead in the North Pole, they have some preference for less expensive choices if they are otherwise without compromise. Sources for buying are also solicited.

The reindeer invite Elk to relocated this discussion to another forum if he feels it is more appropriate.

If you like Cat Stevens, try this: I bought this as a single-rate DSD download, but that should be the same as the SACD. The sound is amazing for one of my favorite albums.

For classical and jazz, almost anything from Reference Recordings is guaranteed to sound good. I have several; one recent addition is the Beethoven Symphonies 5 & 7 with the Pittsburgh Symphony, which is outstanding. Some are available as SACDs, some as HRx (a DVD with WAV files, which the DMP plays without problem – I just got the Bizet Symphony No. 2 in this format).

Also, as of today, Acoustic Sounds has 15% off, which helps a little.

There’s also this thread:

If you’re a Miles Davis, Bob Dylan or Santana fan, all the Mobile Fidelity SACDs of these artists sound fantastic on the PMD.

Agree with all recommendations so far. The MFSL SACDs tend to be very good. Though not bargain-priced, some of the SACD-SHM discs from Japan are excellent, especially the Dire Straits albums, Roxy Music’s Avalon. The Allman Brothers Fillmore SACD-SHM does not get quite the high marks of other specialty discs, whereas the MFSL is more highly regarded. I enjoy them both. I also enjoy Elton John’s Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, though it’s not everyone’s favorite. Two of my faves: Who’s Next and Peter Gabriel’s So. And of course: Getz/Gilberto. And absolutely everything on MFSL by Dead Can Dance.

Check the SACD forum and the Steve Hoffman forums. Lots of great info there.

One note of caution: the DMP will show you just how good Redbook can be. I have a tendency to assume the SACD is bound to be better, but in the classical world, I often find Redbook recordings that exceed the quality of what is available on SACD, e.g., Verdi’s Requiem, which in my view is a really sad state of affairs on SACD. So, I would focus on excellent performances/recordings/masterings, before focusing on digital technology.

Although this is an older thread, and I don’t even own a PS Audio DAC, at least not yet two highly recommendations would be anything on Reference Recordings but especially the latest two disc by Doug McLeod, absolutely stunning example of how good a recording can be. The other is Stockfisch Records from Germany. I have two of the Sark K. records/disc both are phenomenal, musically as well as the recording quality. Good luck, hope this helps

I can give you two sources for great sacd selections

one is SHM they are the most true to tape sound you can find. They do remix a bit so new sounds never heard are there. Little to any EQ and no comprsssion.

Google who sells the I have many of them.

Also if your a stones fan as I am I too have many albums in again many formats. They all stink except for the SHM ONES.

Also Stevie wonder songs in the key of life is excellent as well.

if you buy even one as they are 50 each new.

Plesse post the quality.

Analog productions are the next best in sacd disks


holiday is one that really stands out from them. Also Ella and LOUIS is also very good.

chad of acoustic sounds runs it.

Lastlly. Cat Stevens I have so many of his albums in many formats. The sacd is good I just wish it was done better from the start. I don’t think there is any great sound of him a real shame

Hope I have helped