Everyone's favorite HDMI cable for DSD I2S input?

I’m using an Sonore (Small Green Computer) UltraDigital USB to I2S converter to feed my Direct Stream DAC.
I’m wondering which HDMI cables you found to be good sounding and work well with this DAC?

There’s quite a bit of info about HDMI cables to use with the DSD on the forum, a handful of threads contain persons’ “favorites”. . . .

For example:

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I have been using a Cardas HDMI with my original I2S output Sonore Signature Rendu and enjoying it for quite a while.

The answer to that question is easily the cable that comes with the DAC.
But the answer to “everyone’s favorite” is that there are as many opinions as participants on the forum.
And HDMI cable prices can run from what’s included in the box to thousands of dollars.

Using AQ Diamond HDMI for i2s, considering AQ Firebird 48 upgrade or possibly Tubulus Concentus (no info on performance vs AQ)

AQ Dragon, RAL Silver Prophecy, WWPS7, WWSS7.

In that order based on my sound preferences. Any of the first 3 would satisfy, but so far the Dragon is an endgame HDMI for accuracy and revealing sound. I have owned or still own the above. I have found the full silver conductor HDMI cables are leaps above anything else. All the rest or silver plated have a harshness you do not know is there until you heard a better cable. The silver cables take at least 150 hours to be sounding best but are recognizably better at first swap in being revealing. Full smooth sound comes later.


Do you know what is my favorite HDMI cable? OK, it’s no surprise it’s the Dragon. I don’t think a better HDMI cable can be made. It has brought so much resolution to my system, I don’t think any more is possible.
I started out with a few different ones from PS Audio, then Kimber HD-29, Then like @Vmax, the various WW’s, RAL, and like one is better than the previous, the new King is the Dragon. It is in the category of a component upgrade as far as performance and price goes. Look no further than the Dragon.


AQ Dragon48, AQ Firebird48, AQ Coffee, and AQ Vodka in that order. I know, all my I2S connections are AQ HDMI. But the newer AQ 48 series are the ones to beat. Firebird will be the best one out there except for Dragon of course.

I tried a Pangea Primer some time ago and AQ Vodka was better.


Tubulus Concentus looks interesting.

Tubulus Concentous

I wonder how it tests out on the bench?

A review


Interestingly this cannot be used for video, only has enough conductors for I2S use, in the PS Audio HDMI protocol.

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I believe this is the same with the RAL hdmi.

My choice? Dragon 48 no contest anymore! Game changer.

Can’t go wrong with the Audiquest 48 8k-10k series. Lots of big boy spenders on this forum, but if you are like me and not one, maybe start with an “entry level” cinnamon and work your way up.

Thanks for offering this up. Still pricey for an HDMI for many, but yet another alternative to the AudioQuest series. Not knocking the AQ per se. The only way to know for certain is to give it a test run one’s specific system.

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Yes, there’s no way I could afford a Dragon, and if I could spend that money I’d spend it elsewhere in the system. I’d be interested to hear more about this one. . .thoug I’m not in the market for the near future.

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I listen to music not cables, Ha! I’ll leave fuses for yet another day.