PWT versus other source components

I have PS audio Transport and DS stream. The combo is very musical.

With my Transport - using AC 12 powercord, nordost spikes, nordost HDMI cable

With my DAC - using BMI top of line power cord with shunyata conditioner, tara labs spikes, nordost valhallas XLR to preamp

Yesterday, i connected my Astell & Kern AK100 via optical out (silver dragon optical cable) to my PS DS Stream. I was surprised how close it came to my transport. I could also play DSD with great results. I have not tried DSD with my transport yet. The only difference was CD sounded little sweeter with the transport.

Just want other folks here to see if the transport can be optimsed even further to surpass the portable AK 100 device. How other transport owners are optimizing it?

If TOSLink is acceptable to you (bandwidth wise, i.e. no double rate DSD and perhaps no DSD, 176.4k or 192k) you might try it from the transport to the DS (and be sure to disconnect any other cables from the PWT to the DS so that you get the electrical isolation benefits of the TOSLink connection.)

Do you think Toslink will be better than I2S?

It can be if, for whatever reason, electrical noise is being carried from the PWT to the DS via a metal based connection (AES/EBU, Coax, USB). Try it and see.

I would respectfully disagree. While Elk’s correct the electrical noise is gone from TOSLINK and it is theoretically a better conductor, perhaps the best, the poor performance and limited bandwidth of modern plastic fiber TOSLINK is such that I’ll bet money I2S would sound better - in spite of the added noise.

This is also my experience, I2S sounds better, but I can accept that optical might be the better option under some conditions. It is easy to try.

And the PWT is an excellent transport, regardless of one’s output choice.

Glass Toslinks (which should be a bit better than plastic) can be found online really inexpensively.