Best Fuse upgrade for P20?

Looking for some sound advice on the best fuse upgrade for my P20. I bypassed power input fuse with copper and got better results, but don’t want to be running it without a fuse for very long. Also, internally are there any fuses that can be upgraded also?

What you did is extremely dangerous. At your own risk. I urge you to put back the fuse! In fact I beg you. I don’t even know you buddy but I care about all humans on this earth. I do not wish to see any loss of life of any kind. You can get fuses if you wish. If they make a sonic difference is up to you. What you just did is deplorable.

Take a deep breath.

Nothing awful is going to happen; at worst he will sizzle the unit and his home’s breaker will trip. And this is incredibly unlikely.

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I run fuseless system, tbh, and understand the risk. I never leave it on however when I’m away. I turned aluminum rods to place into fuse boxes and think they sound really good.

After all the discussions about fuses on this forum, I think it’s safe to say that Synergistic Blue fuses are highly regarded. Now that SR are trying to clean up the remaining inventory, the prices are down around $85., so it’s not too painful to try one.

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Kudos to RonP. the rest of you are going to get bitten one day. Fuses are not in place to humor you. They are there to protect life and property. I am not going to say any more on this subject. Do as you will.

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A lot of modern circuitry these days use 0 or near zero resistors in power supply lines and serve their purpose protecting those circuits. Don’t think that a fuse is a 100% protection against anything, better than nothing, but they do not guarantee full protection. They may not trigger at all below their rated amperage, especially if wrong value installed, and hence may not protect against fire or smoke down the line of “slow” type of failure You may also look at computer, phone and similar chargers, these don’t have any fuses, but may have these low value resistors installed. Not advocating fuseless systems of course, but some equipment is clearly overloaded with them. Here is a typical example of a UK type system. Extension lead with multiple sockets (fused, prob ~13A) -> power cord (fused, again ~13A) -> equipment (fused correctly). Is there a need for 3 fuses…

Or related to power plants example, PP has a 3A fuse, which will trigger if system consumes 600W or so for some time. 600W is equivalent to a bread toaster, some lower power kettle, hair dryer, etc. The only sure way fuse will break is a short circuit, everything else is just maybe.