The right fuse for a P15


Hello everyone.
I bought a P15 and my local mains are mono-phasic 230VAC. I saw, from the P15 rear picture, that for 230VAC it uses a 3AH fuse even with a maximum continuous load rated at 1500VA. It should need (theoretically) a minimum 6,5 or 7A fuse, shouldn’t?
Am I wrong?
Thanks in advance.


The correct fuse is as per what is written next to the fuse holder



Maybe I was misunderstood or I couldn’t explain it reasonably well, but I DO know that I must use a 3A fuse when connecting the P15 to the 230VAC mains. I simply don’t understand WHY since the maximum load allowed is 1500VA, which corresponds to a ~6,5A current at 230VAC. That’s the point.


Nothing more to think about.
T= slow blow. So you need a 250V slow blow 3A fuse.