P10. U.K. Model replacement fuse.

If this topic has been covered before my apologies. I recently purchased a P10. unfortunately it has stopped working for no apparent reason. It appears that the fuse may have blown, I’m therefore looking to purchase a suitable replacement. If anyone can point me in the right direction I’d be most grateful. It can be an audiophile fuse or just everyday bog standard. At the moment my main concern is getting the unit functioning again. The P10 is a U.K. model.

The mains plug fuse is a normal 13 amp fuse.

The internal fuse is a 3.1 amp slow blow fuse.

I use the new Synergistic Research Black Fuse for both in my UK P10.

Thanks for that, the operators manual states a 3 amp, type H. I assume it makes no difference if it’s 3.1. slow blow. I’m probably showing my ignorance but I’m a bit concerned about damaging the unit. The fuse that appears to have blown is located on the rear of the unit under the on/off switch. Thanks again.

Yeah, that’s the P10 internal fuse. Definitely a 3.15 amp slow blow fuse, that’s what I use and confirmed it with the UK distributor, Kevin.

Thanks so much for your assistance, will order one asap. Just hope all is well with the P10 then and my problem is just the fuse.

Normally the fuse rating in Europe (230VAC) is half the rating of the US (120VAC).