P20 ..... what's the internal fuse rating?

Planning to purchase a P20 sometime next year and I would upgrade the internal fuse that comes with it.
I checked the online P20 manual but it doesn’t stipulate what the rating for the internal fuse is?
I’ve already done this with my current P10.
Oh, I presume it the slow blow type fuse as well?

This may have been already mentioned is some of the numerous P20 threads on the forum so apologises if it has?

Would you be purchasing this unit in the US? I ask so that I can grab the correct fuse value for you, they differ slightly based on the region they are built for.

Sorry, I should have mentioned this - I’m in the UK.

No problem, glad I asked or I would likely provided the US spec’d fuse. For the UK units the fuse is a P20 is a 5 amp 250 volt 5 x 20mm Slow Blow

Thanks Kevin, I can get an upgraded fuse and have it ready for the P20 when it arrives.

You are very welcome, and have fun.

Hi Kevin, what is the fuse spec for the US P20 models?

The US P20s use a 6.3 5x20mm slow blow fuse.

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What about the current?

The US P20 fuse uses a 250v fuse.

Hmm… the options are:
6.3x32mm or 5x20mm
250v or 500v
250mA or 8A or 16A

It’s 6.3 amp, small (5X20MM) slow blow.

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Can anyone explain how the US P20 can meet its output specs when it’s input will blow at 6.3 amps? I have a P20 driving BHK Pre/BHK300s and only need a few hundred watts, but I would imagine connecting my dual subs, which are each 5 amp fused, would shutdown the P20?

It’s got circuit breakers for the high current.

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I would think a 6.3 amp fuse will blow long before a 15 amp circuit breaker will kick in. Since the 6.3 amp fuse is ‘real’, the implication is that the number 15 printed on the circuit breaker Reset button is in reality not 15 but something less than 6.3.

This depends on what the fuse and the circuit breakers are protecting.

I do not know the answer to this question.

Is what you are saying, it depends on how incoming power is distributed via the fuse or circuit breakers? I always thought the fuse and breakers are there for that reason.

I doubt the fuses have anything to do with incoming AC, but are rather protecting an internal rail voltage, etc.

You’re right. The PowerPlants are protected with the breakers. The fuse is for internal protection.