Best Interconnects between DSD and BHK 250


Please provide a link (or more) to purchase pre-terminated Iconoclast XLR cables. Have found lots of murky links. What terminations is recommended? TIA

#42 is the engineer who created the Iconoclast, and is very approachable about obtaining them.


Thanks, but email address didn’t work. (?)


Galen has retired from Belden, likely why the email no longer works.

Gen 2 interconnects are coming and are better suited to analog than gen 1.


Galen retired. His address is

Iconoclast cables are now available through Blue Jeans Cable


So Iconoclast is Belden 1800 F?


Nope, completely different. Wait a few weeks (guess, could be less or more) and Blue Jeans will have a page dedicated to Iconoclast information.


Don’t see Iconclast option on the BJC site. So what’s the secret hand shake so I can know what Belden designation Iconoclast is?




Hi. RUSH: Which album, which song? Thanks!


@Philipp_Schaefer - Rush R40 Live - Cygnus X-1 - ~5 min mark… 9 min song… the point I was making was that streaming that from an SQ point was amazing at ~100-110 dB and nothing distorted or even weak… streaming with DSP engine will help room acoustics… was the point…


Thanks! Will give it a try. Not now. Baby is sleeping. And we want to keep it that way…


Thanks for the reply Elk. Guess I’ll wait to see what Gen 2 cost will be (for analog use). But these prices are extreme (need 10ft and 15ft pairs of XLR) for an old fart who spent 20 years with patch and zip cords.


Yes, it is a substantial leap to go from routine cords and cables to truly high-end wires. There are many options in between which may make more sense to you.


The CU2’s are fine, but really their AG2 Series 2 are the ones to compare. PS Audio has their main listening room wired with those, which is where I got the idea (they also use them at shows). I figured if they were good enough for the infamous Listening Room One, then they’d probably do right for me.


I have pretty much standardized on Audioquest Colorados in my system, which can still be had for a very substantial discount from MusicDirect. Frankly, anywhere north of there in the AQ lineup the pricing structure just gets implausible really fast (if it hasn’t already.) You definitely want to go balanced from the DSD to BHK. I do know that Paul speaks very highly of the MG Audio cables and I have a hankering to try those; also am curious to hear what the AQ silver interconnects might do. But I doubt I would spring for them unless my dealer gets me an insanely spectacular price on a demo pair. Lastly, I am getting around to ordering stuff to make my own. Here’s what I’ve got so far, am open to anyone’s counter-suggestions.

60 for four connectors

20 awg occ5n silver:

FEP tubing

FEP Tubing - Fractional (inches) / 3/32" ID X 5/32" from  $1 foot

$18 for $18 feet


Forgot to mention that just for shits and giggles I bought a pair of 1.5m Mogami 3173 XLR’s to compare to my AQ Colorados. Haven’t tried them yet tho. But it should be interesting :slight_smile:


Anticable Level 4.1 XLR Balanced Interconnects between DSD and BHK Preamp. In fact Anticable everywhere else including biwired speakers and power cords. Tried many others over the years, totally sold on Anticables


You’re going to get so many opinions that none will be of any value. :grinning:


Might as well put “Best” in quotes. The best ones are the ones you enjoy listening to the most.