Dynaudio Excite X38 or Emit 20

Has anyone ran Dynaudio’s more affordable options Excite and or Emit through their Stellar 300 or M700’s? Wondering how those would go together.

Had the EMIT 20s and the Excite 38s (with M700). Both worked really well. You will not be disappointed. It was not until I got into the higher end line that I tried a Pre and realized that was a great option. That did not really dawn on me till the Confidence series. You may be fine with or without depending on your set up. Just my experience.

Thanks for sharing your experience. So you went up to the Confidence with the M700?, even though X38 could have done it as well? The Confidence really starts to reach up to rarified air and price for me, but it sounds as if the M700 would just keep on elevating themselves with even higher up selections? I may need to actually start saving for what may become a real upgrade if I have underestimated the 700s.

I went EMIT 20s, X38s, C1 and Countour 30. The Excites are great but not in the same league as the Contours or C1. The 20s and 38s worked well. The Jr straight to the 700s to the C1s was no fun at all. My ears bled. At that point I got a pre and all was wonderful but I realized as good as the C1s were, I’m not a bookshelf guy. I went “down” a notch to the Contours. Then eventually to another speaker manufacturer and upgraded my Pre as well, as my first was an affordable Cary I used as an experiment. In short, 700s and X38s were the best combo for the money hands down. Pre or no pre, up to you.

Thank you. I understand better now. When the option exists, I lean towards a tower and 3 way design. That’s my main draw to the X38. I have KEF R300 (3-way design) with the Sprout100 and that was a better pairing than with the M700.

I lean towards the floor stander too. Since my original “run” with Dyn, I have upgraded my amp, pre and speakers but the truth is this: If someone came in and bought me out, I would go back to the simple M700 with X38s. (the only other contender would be a Focal- Aria to Be probably) The 700s drove my 4ohm, 87db speakers better than anything I have had (including my “upgrade”). The Dyn line has some terrific speakers and many are not that difficult to drive.
In all fairness, I have not heard the new Sprout. (Well, actually I did- in music room 1 with Duncan and Darren I believe way before it was released.) But not a fair comparison. If I can help, just post, PM or we can chat. Good luck- you can’t really make a bad choice w/ PSA and Dyn.

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Thanks. This gives me confidence no pun intended, on the X38s. It has captivated me since seeing it, and the walnut is my thing. I almost went for the X18 but it seemed like the M700 would be overall for those. On the intriguing value side, the Canton Chrono line sparked my curiosity as well, but I can’t find any decent number of relevant references in the vast web. So it’ll stay a mystery for those.

See if you can audition the 38s… I know a great dealer but I doubt Denver will help ya much (at least for audition purposes) the Special 40s were good, great actually but bookshelf. Then you are into Contour. It adds up quick.