Best Music Servers Under $10,000

PSA’s DSD Bridge II network card made the list

is it still sold by PSA?

“GRAIN OF SALT” alert! TAS also lists the Directstream V1 as best Dacs 3- $10,000.

And we know that it has been out of production for quite awhile.

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Doesn’t show up in the “shop” so I would say no. Makes sense given it was only usable in the DS Mk I and that is no longer available. Of course, the recommendation could help someone buy from the used market.

Does not mean it doesn’t fit in the proffered category of praise though, does it?


And the Linkplay Muzo Cobblestone - nowhere to be found for purchase.

absolute sound,far from leading edge

Talk about a category of component that evolves so quickly a recommended list is obsolete by the time the list goes to press. The Aurender N100H is history, superseded by the N150 (which I have in-house, a superb, basic high-performance server). A reminder why I don’t waste my time on TAS or Stereophile recommended lists nowadays. I do my own research. Typically ahead of the curve of their components lists.

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I think it is worth noting these publications don’t generally recommend kit they have never/not yet reviewed and, IIRC, drop recommendations after the reviews have aged beyond a certain point.

As a result, many newer and older pieces of kit never make the lists of recommended products.

I’d add the Rassberry Pi 4 with Ropieee as Roonbridge. Add some cheap anti vibration and a decent power supply and you are good to go.

My barebone Pi is currently fed by a generic power brick from my P15, network cable from my SHY audiphile SW8. Feeding into my McIntosh preamp’s build-in USB.

Compares to my heavily tweaked Zen Streamer feeding the DS MKII, I can hardly hear any difference. The Zen setup wins by 0.05% probably because of a much better power supply and a better DAC.

And the Pi cost me about 70 bucks… time for me to rethink my streaming front end’s upgrade path.