Best Power Solution for M700s

I ordered Stellar M700 monoblocks. I have a question about the best way to power them. I am going to use the Directstream Dac as my preamp. So I’m going to plug in the two monoblocks, the directstream and my Marantz Cd player. Right now I am using a Furman Elite 15 power conditioner. It has special plugs for amps that provides more power. However, in one of Paul’s videos he said that a power conditioner limits sound quality. I can not plug those four units directly into the wall because I do not have enough outlets. So my options are either the Furman, a $35 GE power strip that also has conditioning it says or I can use an old power strip that I think does not filter the electritiy. Which of those three power solutions do you recomend to get the highest quality out of my new M700? Unfortunately I sold my PS Audio Power Plant last year and I do not want to buy another at this time.

The Furman of the two is the better option.


get the P3 for M700s and DS, the M700 is just shining with PSA power regenerator, not worry for the power load of two M700, the P3 is more handling them without any issue

You say you don’t have enough wall receptacles to plug in everything, but do you have enough to plug the two amps and the Furman in? If so, I’d do that, and then plug the DSD and the CD player into the Furman.

If you don’t have enough wall receptacles to do that, and you don’t want to buy a PSA regenerator, it seems to me the Furman is the best answer, since it’s probably better than the other two power strips.