One high end power cord, which component first?

Right now I’m using Pangea power cords but thinking about ugrading to PS Audio or something like an Audioquest Thunder.

However, I don’t want to blow the bank on this for all of my components! So, if I bought just one, where would be the best place to use it?

Furman Power Conditioner
PS Audio Stellar Gain Cell DAC
PS Audio M700s (2)

Go from the wall to the Furman?

Go from the Furman to the SGCD?


I would go with that one from the Furman to the SGCD for the most benefit. Then save up for 2 for the power amps.

That’s kinda what I was thinking… Then someone told me to go from the wall to the Furman and that will positively affect every component.

Ideally, I think ditching the Furman is probably going to happen. Not sure he helps sound in any way, but is a nice power strip at least.

If everything is plugged into the Furman, then feed the Furman with your best cable.
Better yet, save the money for the cable and put it toward a Power Plant.

Love the idea of the power plant but my gosh are they expensive… I would still have the same question though! If I had ONE premium power cable, do I use it to power the Power Plant? The Preamp?

You say to use it from wall to Furman. I guess you’d say the same to the PP?

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Obviously I don’t know your budget. Having disclaimed, IMHO, a used P10 is the best deal going in power plants. Easy to find under $3K. I fact, there’s on on Audiogon for $2.4K from parts connexion.


agree. rather than spend $700 on a AC12. save up for a used P10. :slight_smile:

Get a loan cable or cables and try them out. If you can’t hear any difference, stick with what you have.

@dtximages, which Furman do you have? I just upgraded to a Furman Elite 15 PFi with solid results. It replaced an old Belkin PureAV PF-60. I now have Audience Forte F3 PowerChords on all components in my system, including the Furman. Like you, I also have the M700 and SGCD stack.

I have the same one. My problem is that my situation makes it VERY hard to actually A/B test anything. I THINK it sounds better haha but I also believe in confirmation bias and 5 mins of listening changes your hearing and you think you hear things you don’t etc.

In these circumstances - when I only think something sounds better - I go back to the original setup.

That is, I need to be convinced a change was an improvement. If am remain debating which is better, I default to the less expensive and simpler.


Yeah then Paul, in one of his videos I believe, mentioned that often Power Conditioners make sound worse by “bleaching” it. Might have a darker background, but, at the expense of sucking away life. I’m not sure how this is possible and I do rely too much on others’ opinions who are able to better listen, test, judge.