Best Sounding Firmware For Directstream Poll

Sunlight is the answer

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It’s nice to be able to personalize the sound signature of the DAC…

Sunlight is the best in just about every regard IMO. And I have been a vocal skeptic of several releases due to their lack of musicality. I no longer even remember what the order of the releases was anymore (version numbers were so much clearer than random mountain names), but I know that I was stuck on version 1.21 for about 3 releases before Ted finally had a breakthrough which melded the incredible musicality of 1.21 with the spectacular audiophile characteristics of the later upgrades. I skipped at least one upgrade after Huron as well, but I can no longer remember which release that was anymore.

With Sunlight and a couple of mods my DS sounds downright amazing IMO.

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I’ve tried them all but Sunlight is by far the best in my setup.

Sunlight with DSD 256 I2s to the DS. Almost sound as good as my turntable. No other firmware comes close.

I got my second DS DAC yesterday. I am liking the factory loaded Windom! The sound is quite analogue-ish. Will give it time to burn-in before testing Sunlight.

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My favorite part about Windom is I had no urge to buy 256 DSD files!


The difference between Windom and Sunlight is that Sunlight is cleaner sounding, especially in the higher frequencies which depending on your system and music can either be better or worst. Some claim that on a very good recording, it can make it sound even better, but on a very harsh sounding recording, it can make it more unbearable.

Paul is kidding of course, DSD 256 is as good as digital can get!

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My older DAC has Sunlight. It definitely has more sparkle, but also feel heavier with bass, which again can be a boon or otherwise, depending on context. For the time being I am enjoying the new unit. The other one will get a Pass Int-60 this summer. That would be a great match for Sunlight.

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