Can we get a list of Firmwear updates for the DirectStream DAC?

Would it be possible to get a list of the firmware updates for the DirectStream DAC and what they added, changed, or removed?
I got the DAC as Sunlight was coming out. I believe the installed version was Windom. I upgraded to Sunlight. I don’t think I’m getting the lower end from this latest release compared to the previous. I am using a Stellar as a preamp since getting the DirectStream (Good XLR cables). Could the Stellar be hampering the bottom end or just reflash with previous firmware versions till I find something I like. Is there such a thing as a bad flash. I would have thought it works or it doesn’t. Thanks.

Changes in sound quality from release to release often didn’t involve changing which bits were coming out, just the timing of those bits. A list of changes won’t help much. It’s best to look at the Redcloud, Huron, Snowmass, Windom, and Sunlight threads for insights. Many have found that you need to treat each release like you would if you got some new equipment or an upgrade - perhaps reposition your speakers, perhaps change a cable or two… Sunlight has more accurate bass than Windom, but some find that Windom synergizes with their setups better than Sunlight (often they change their minds as time goes on.)