I2S on Directstream DAC



I have a Auralic Aries connected to my Directstream DAC using USB and it sounds excellent. I have read that the I2S input on the DAC sounds the best but the Auralic has no I2S output. I was thinking of getting a Singer SU-1 or Matrix X-SPDIF 2 to convert the USB to I2S.

Would there be any advantage of doing this in regards to sound quality or are you better getting a streamer or transport with native I2S output?

Anyone got any ideas!



Both the Singer SU-1 and Matrix X-SPDIF have been discussed. Try the search function. You may find the information you seek.


Another option is Sonore UltraDigital. Purchased mine from Small Green Computer. Splits USB to I2s and SPDIF RCA. Converting Sonore Microrendu USB to I2s for my DSJr.