Best strategy on where to place your best power cords

That’s pretty much what I heard, and all it took was a little experimenting. I’d like to have higher end power cords on everything, but for now, it’s good to know where the best ones make the biggest difference.

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So, here’s a fairly easy answer to your Thread Question: The DSD or DMP seem to be sensitive to AC cables, and in most systems, handle the primary digital and/or more than one source.

One of the other primary spots (if you have one) is on a Regen or other power distro device, as it is feeding everything.

But I’d say that Ron’s Rule still applies ; )

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To take it step further I would recommend passive noise filtering cables like Shunyata Delta NR which are not a lot of money compared to other cable options. I use an NR cable on the DSD and Siltech SPX-800 on the BHK Pre and my PW Transport. I use large gauge power cables (4.5 gauge) on the BHK 300’s the P5 and my Furutech E-TP609 NCF power distributor. They have no NR function just pure power delivery.

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My experience: dollar for dollar if I had to make choice which component to upgrade with a good aftermarket power cord, at all, it would be source components first. I’ll go further. I recently completed replacing all basic Shunyata Viper power cords in my system with cords from Triode Wire Labs. One component at a time. In order of impact I found: analog source components and especially my phono pre, power amp and digital front end. The impact with my BHK Pre and Modwright PH 150 was immediate and one of the few times I have not had to talk myself into validating the expense of the cords. My Pass X250.5 benefited a bit, not to the extent my source components did. Use of Triode Pete’s digital American cords on my Bryston BDA/BDP 3 combination was very slight. This isn’t the first time I’ve redone my cords with the same general observation of what type of component seems to benefit most.

I would first upgrade to the thing that draws most power (power amp) and then the thing that draws second most power (sub?) and you continue on like that until you upgrade whatever draws least power of everything you have.

Two iconic improvement s to my system synergy last fall. One was the Windom firmware upgrade to my DAC Jr…and the other equally if not more impressive…was a complete Power Cord replacement. I have eco brand 10 awg or guage cord with no sheilding …but got me by for a couple of years…but i knew i was missing synergy in 9 components all PSA system…got a great Canadian Price for beautiful 7.5 awg sheilded PC…but i don’t know where it made the greatest difference as i replaced 10 at the same time. At about $200 Cdn each. Improvements in bass depth, Dynamics, instrument seperation, stack and decay of notes …

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I agree the most power draw components is the logical conclusion…but I agree with Owlsalum…the annalog sources make the biggest impact in sound synergy and signal…I am no engineer but i think it has a lot to do with the sheilding and grounding of the power cable to EFM noise… electrical dirty power noise

I should have read the whole thread…
I have to to defer to posts by RonP, BadBeef, and watchdog…

I use 4 of the NRG Custom Cables in his 4.5 gauge variant. One ten footer and three five footers.

I am with Ron and badbeef. I was shocked the difference a Shunyata chord made on the P15 regenerator. Didn’t make sense to me but my system sounds best when my better gauge and shielded cables are on the Dac and phono preamp.

I resisted the cord controversy for some time and like many of us here,
got samples and started to listen. The result is Shunyata Alpha on a
complete PSA BHK rig and a Sigma on the P20. Hard on the wallet
but easy on the ears.


In my main system years ago I went through the PerfectWave AC line of power cables from PS Audio, trying them from the bottom up.

I found that many were great, but for every component from the regenerator to the amps everything sounded best if an AC-12 connected it. So patiently, shopping carefully, I had my entire system connected with AC-12s. And have kept it that way, just feeling I have a great foundation.

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I guess my point is. . . don’t settle and try improved cords on each component. I would probably work in this order: regenerator, source, and then amp, preamp, etc.


Cool …big 4.5 awg…from wall to P20? Then to Mono Blocks and another power Regen? Did you notice a difference when installed.

Malbeuf as got me listening pretty hard to my SPP for EF interference from my cords now…lol

The biggest difference was the volume pot had to be turned down about 25%. I guess that a bigger pipe with less impedance equals more current. The initial sound was coarse but took about a week to sound the best.

Hey Friends,

I tried using large gauge AC power cables for my DAC and like it.

So, I was more in the camp of putting high gauge AC cables on more power hungry components and gauging down for less power hungry components. Using this thought process I bought a Pangea Audio AC 9 MKII(1.5m) for my amp to P12, a Pangea Audio AC 9 MKII (2m) for my P12 to wall and a Pangea Audio AC 14 MKII for my DAC. I always thought this sounded pretty good.

After reading this thread I ordered a Pangea Audio AC 9 MKII (.6m) for my DAC to my P12. It was a noticeable improvement…which I really wasn’t expecting.

The Pangea Audio AC 9 MKII is a confusing name because if you check their spec page it’s actually a 7 gauge cable.

Anyway, larger gauge for DACs do seem to make a difference even for these cheap cables like pangea.


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Here’s where I put my heaviest power cord. And the silver going with you wherever you go…incredible! Even my car stereo sounds better.

Also moved up to 5 Nines copper in my shoe insoles. Better Foundation.


I had all AC-5 between wall, P-10, BHK250, BHK Pre, and DSD. Found a good price on a used AC-12, so I experimented with components and determined P10 to the DSD was the best in my system.

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Congratulations on the heavy gauge power cord.


I did not want to believe that putting a very expensive Shunyata Sigma power cable between the wall and my P20 would make an audible difference. Sadly, so very sadly I hear a appreciable difference.

So very sad…