Which power cord before vs after regenerator?

I just bought a new P12 regenerator and am anxiously awaiting its arrival. I’m trying to plan how to set it up. I have a variety of different power cords. My best one is an Audioquest Monsoon. I also have some Pangea and some others by another company I don’t recall.

Should I place my best power cord between the wall and the P12, or should I use my best power cord between the P12 and my amplifier or other component?

I’ve seen other threads that debate which component gets the best chord: Best strategy on where to place your best power cords

But I haven’t seen one that deals with the before/after regenerator question. I do plan to fiddle around with this a bit, but these kind of changes are often hard to recognize since they rely on you sonic memory. It takes a minute or two to swap cables around and get things playing again.

I would greatly appreciate hearing from you on this!

Discussed many times here but, think of it this way: Your best cable from the wall to your regenerator will benefit the performance of the regenerator and subsequently, everything plugged into it.

Hey Shardarweb

I am buy no means an expert on cable… but I do know they make a big difference. I bought a complete set for nine PS audio components and noticed a big difference. Unfortunately I changed them all at once. They are heavy gauge 7.5 awg.

My recommendation is to put your heaviest gauge cable and best one ( only if it is large gauge) on your P12.

And if you have a lighter gauge but better quality put them on the digital sources. Amps aren’t that fussy about quality but like the large gauge.

Hope that helps

Simon Wolford



YMMV …but have found that amps indeed are “fussy” as to both quality and gauge…
with soundstaging taking a big step forward with both a quality and large gauge
power cable from wall to P12 (I had a P12 now a P15) and P12 to power amp.

Perhaps with an ice amp gauge might not be as big an issue but on a large
Class A/AB amp…yes gauge and quality make a very big difference.

Happy trails

Hey David

Thx for you feedback and confirmation on your experience.
My experience is very limited.

Cheers Simon

I would put your best cable into the P12. I was surprised by the improvement that can be made with an upgrade in the chord to the p15

I’m with Ron and minnesota on this one. I always recommend the best cable feed the PowerPlant and then go from there. The Monsoon into the P12 is great!

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Shard - you might be an Audiophile :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ditto. Got Monsoon XTRM with hanging silver over copper plugs and it is great. Burn-in is required though.


I use an AC5 for my P12. I use a DIY Furutech for my P5. Both are good quality cables.


AC5 and AC12 are great cables.

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Thanks all! Great responses. I’ll definitely start with my best cable feeding my P12, then my next best cable feeding my amp. Once the P12 has had a chance to break in, I’ll see about upgrading to an AudioQuest Thunder or maybe a Tornado to feed the P12.

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lucky to have the Monsoon!

I am running a P10. My power cables are a combination of AC3, AC5 and AC12.
For about a year or so used the AC12 to connect my P10 into my dedicated 20a circuit, the AC5’s for the amps, and the AC3’s for the DAC and Preamp.

But…recently I switched it up - and used the AC12 to connect my Direct Stream DAC into the P10.
So far, I’m finding better results with this arrangement. So hard to know…but my DAC sure seems to be loving it. :slight_smile:



For me, the DACSr and the P20 responded more to a better power cable than the DMP, BHK pre, or BHK monos. I would give a slight deference to putting your best cable in front of the regenerator, and the next on the DAC. Let your ears be the judge.


yup. always flows back to the ears…

maybe I simply need another AC12 and resolve this toss up between my Power Plant and DAC Sr. :slight_smile:


Can folks who upgraded the power cord feeding their regenerator please share about the specific differences that you heard?