Best way to stream alternate sources to DSD Sr. like youtube, videos on phone, etc

I have DSD SR, use MacBook Pro + Roon + Qobuz for everyday listening. Every once in a while I find something on youtube or some other non-roon source that I want to send thru my 2 channel set up. What’s the best way to do that? Apple TV into DSD Sr. or Chromecast? My brother-in-law always sends me tracks on Spotfiy, but wasn’t sure how to get them into DSD Sr…what has worked for others? thanks!

There are more ways to do that than visible stars in the sky…

I solved that challenge via my network player, a Lumin U1 Mini. Supports Spotify Connect and Airplay. So I can play any content from any Mac, iPhone or iPad via the Lumin. And my girlfriend can just use her Spotify without learning anything new. Works seamless and flawless.

To find out what’s optimal for your requirements (and if e.g. a Chromecast would fulfill them): on what computer is your Roon Core running - the MacBook? How is the Core connected to the DSD SR? Any (other) Roon Endpoint in your network? Do you have/use Spotify? You want to send audio to the DSD via a phone/tablet? Do also you want/need a Bluetooth connection?

If your MacBook is e.g. connected to the DSD via USB you can play anything directly from that computer. If your DSD is connected to the network via the Bridge there are other options possible.

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Macbook laptop is the Roon core and it is wireless. Internet goes Comcast cable modem >>> google mesh Wifi router >>> Ethernet into Bridge II.

I control Roon with my iphone. No other Roon endpoints. I have the Spotify app and would use it occasionally if I could connect to DSD. And yes I’d like to send audio from my phone outside of Roon. I have personal recording in iTunes and demo tracks in ‘Voice recorder’ app that I’d love to pass thru the system.

Also if there are obvious weak links in that setup I’m all ears. Still learning the ropes getting digital integrated. Thanks!

For the start: The Bridge II supports Spotify Connect.
Follow these instructions and it should just work to stream and play Spotify direct on your DSD:

(I had the Bridge II for a short time, the Spotify thing worked, but I remember it to behave a bit clumsy. Give it a try.)

To play anything from your iPhone (e.g. Apple Music, YouTube, SoundCloud) a very convenient way would be to connect an Airplay compatible device to the DSD. Just note that your iPhone would be the streamer and transmit the full signal to that device. But I do not know any moderate priced streamer (like the Chromecast) who does that, all models I’m aware of start around 500-800 USD/EUR (e.g. SOtM, Sonore) and go up to 2000 like the Lumin (and beyond that e.g. with the ultimate dCS Network Bridge).

The Google Chromecast Audio is an option, but uses a different protocol, is more complicated to set up and I have not much experience with it.

The old Apple TVs with the optical out (Toslink) would work, too (don’t know if they are still supported). The new ones only have HDMI out, which you can not connect to the DSD.

When you say iTunes, do you mean you have iTunes (now called Music) on your MacBook or do you mean Apple Music just from your phone?

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Optical TV output > DS;
Youtube, Netflix, Apple tv, Kodi, whatever…flawlessly


Thx Philipp - I do have an old Apple TV that is unused so I may dust that off and see what happens. I actually have a google chromecast audio too. I pulled it out last night before I posted this bc I was thinking it was optical out, but it looked like 1/8th out. I will do more research.

Does having my Roon core wireless on MacBook Pro lead to sonic degradation? Is there room for improvement there?

@wijber has a good point. Smart TVs with their apps can provide a lot of content these days.

Regarding the Chromecast Audio: it‘s actually both: analog out and a mini-Toslink. You need an (cheap) adapter to get the light to the „normal“ Toslink / optical input of the DSD.

Yes, give the Apple TV a try and report back, if it worked.

Roon officially recommends a wired core, and it has some advantages. But: The wireless Core „issue“ is none, unless the music has drop outs - or you are not happy with the sound quality. If your WiFi is strong enough, it‘s legit to do it that way. I just changed my setup from a wired core to connected via WiFi - it works good so far and I do not hear any sonic degradation.

I use an old Apple TV 3 optical out, works fine. CCA also works with the Toslink adapter.

What we really want is for Roon to accept input(s).


Apple TV optical out working great. Anything I could airplay now going thru DSD. Nice! I just have to change the input on the dac from optical to Bridge to get back to Roon. And yah that’d be cooler in Roon so I could drop a physical remote. Sound quality is lesser they Apple TV (for several reasons) but that wasn’t really the objective.



Cool. That was an easy and quick solution. Does Spotify play via the Bridge?

I connect LG smart TV and apple TV to my Oppo 205 via optical for 7.1 movies. Also, TIDAL through optical to Oppo sounds as good as Bridge II from DS DAC.

Nvidia Shield connected to HDMI input of my modded Oppo 203, sound fed via i2s Oppomod board directly to DS.

Its flippin’ awesome, YouTube has some fantastic sounding music on it.

I haven’t tried Spotify yet. Will try to remember this evening to see if it works.