Airplay with BridgeII

I’ve ordered my DSD with Bridge a week ago. In the meantime I’m trying to learn as much as possible :wink:
I’ve understood that the Bridge is a Convers Digital card. In their site they state that it supports Airplay, but I cannot find any reference to this in the docs.
Can you confirm?

I would like to be proved wrong, but my experience is that it doesn’t support AirPlay

In my experience the Direct Stream Sr. and Bridge do not support any kind of direct wireless/Wi-Fi connections. However, you can connect your Apple TV or other similar device via a digital (optical) out and accomplish that type of interface.

Yes, AppleTV version 3 via optical is an option, even tough it upsamples to 48Khz.
Another option would be a raspberry PI with Volumio through USB, or a raspberry PI + DigiOne Allo via SP/Dif.
But it would be nice to use a built-in function in the DSD instead. Did you try to connect a wifi dongle to the USB of the Bridge? That should enable wifi connection in DSD, therefore Airplay.

I have not tried a dongle. Can’t think of any reason why it would not work though… Maybe a PS Audio representative can chime in here.


I think the USB port on the BII was for PSA use and not the end user. The newer BII’s do not have this port.

You’re going to find that most people here use and prefer UPnP or Roon Core from the likes of JRiver and Roon. There are other applications such as Foobar2000 and Audirvana people use too. Alternatively the Bridge II supports Spotify Connect and Tidal through the MConnect application. Airplay is not supported mostly because it’s not a high fidelity method of sending audio to the Directstream DAC.

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Thanks for the info.
I’ll try again Tidal or Spotify when I’ll have the DSD on hand. Problem is that my kids are extensively using Apple Music and I would like to being able to play it in the main system.
When it comes to Roon, I’ve use it for a year, but I was disappointed on how they managed the integration with Crestron, allowing only the Nucleus to being able to integrate with Crestron. So I decided to abandon them.

It is my understanding that Apple Music/iTunes is one of the “libraries” that your Roon Core will reference and incorporate. Not sure that was clear to you…? FWIW.

Apple Music is a streaming service so it can’t be used with Roon. Tidal is the only thing that is incorporated into Roon at the moment.

Squeezebox is another device that can use Airplay and has multiple outputs that will work with DS/Jr.

Finding an AppleTV with the optical out is really hard these days. Plenty of other options out there.