Best way to use the Bridge on PWD

Hi, I have finally bought and connected the bridge to my PWD 1 (better late than never!). At this point, I wonder how to use it in the best way. Meanwhile, I am posting my experience:

Before, I used USB-connected PWD to laptop with JRiver and iFi jitter filter. With excellent results.

Now, connecting the bridge via ethernet cable to the modem, and using my laptop, always with Jriver (wirelessly connected to the modem) the sound has improved. This Dac sounds divine.

Now, do you have better configurations to propose?
I tried connecting a NAS (networked and used via my laptop, with Jriver) but the sound has (slightly) deteriorated. I wasn’t expecting it. Maybe, the NAS was not connected in this way?

Sorry but I’m not a computer expert, please give me simple advice if possible, thanks!

Do you think is better to use the BubbleUPnP app on a android smartphone? (i didn’t tried yet this option). Thanks guys.

Hi Stef,
If your NAS if it is a UPNP both BubbleUPNP and MControl will work without your PC. MControl HD is a landscape version. MControl works on iOS and Android.

Thanks, is a Synology DS 213… i think it’s ok. I try! Thanks :slight_smile:

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You’re welcome and congrats on Bridge, you will love it.

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Thanks! :+1:I let you know my progress in use