Bridge I - what app to use

Hi guys,

I have a PWD, with Mk II upgrade, but still only have bridge I. I have been using Bluesound node 2 as my streamer for a couple years. I’d like to go back to using the bridge, to see if there’s any SQ difference but It’s been so long I am out of touch and not sure what control app to use.

My Music library is on a NAS drive.

Anyone using bridge I, what app do you use to stream via the bridge?



I use Bubble UPNP with mine seems to work ok

I also have PWD Mk II with bridge I.

I use Bubble UPNP with Minimserver and that works perfectly.

At the moment I use BubbleUPNP having an Android tablet.
If you own an Apple iPad I recommend Mconnect (or Mconnect Control) app.
Mconnect for Android is rather poor developed.

The server on the NAS is always MinimServer.

Thanks for the reply everyone that is helpful. Bubble UPnP is unanimous!

Is it available for Mac OS? When I search for it in the App Store on my iPad/iPhone nothing with that name comes up so I’m wondering if it’s android only?

I’m using Mconnect app on my iPad. It’s okay, stable enough, but not a particularly user friendly interface.