Beta Test Impressions of the New Strata


If you are trying to use WiFi then all of the devices involved have to be on the same WiFi network including your iPhone. Make sure your iPhone is not on the carriers network. Also the Bridge II uses different software from the Bridge’s manufacturer. You will need to install it on your control device.

iPhones,i pad, computers etc are all on ONE network. What do you mean the carriers network. The network is out of the Comcast modem both WiFi and ethernet. That needs to be changed? I may not be following you but if you are correct I would need to disrupt my entire home LAN just to add a stereo streamer box?

What do you mean different bridge software? I have Roon, Qobuz apps on all my mobil devices. Are you saying I need another app? My bridge II runs just fine so why would I want to fix it?
Sorry if I sound short. I may have to hire a computer/network guy to work this out.

Is it possible the Strata came out too soon? If Paul is planing on a new Octave? that will fix all and make Roon obsolete do I have to buy it to make Strata work. I can do that but right now I’m looking at not being able to play any of my ripped CDs and High Def downloads because I’m obstinent about not using iTunes data bases.

Matt are you able to listen to your streamer in Strata? You can read my comments. I’ve not got passed installing PSConnect.

Hi Ken,

Got my Strata up & running on Qobuz & Spotify. I downloaded the app and forced it to open per the instructions above since the iPhone app has not been officially released yet. I then made sure to connect the Strata to my home wireless network which was tedious. The interface and menu options are tricky/not intuitive and I screwed up entering my password several times. You should not have to mess with your modem at all as long as your wireless network is discoverable. Once you are connected (I’m running it wireless due to ease of use) then open the iPhone app and click which music service you want to use. It’s a bit of futzing around to finagle it into submission. I’m going to bed, but I am around this weekend & could talk to you on the phone if that would help.

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Dumb question. You need to have the ethernet attached? I thought the app stuff was all wifi for the setup. Clearly you need the Strata wired to play Qobuz but I haven’t got that far.

No connection needed. The Strata has built in wireless. Wireless routers can be quite fast these days to be able to still play high quality audio. Use the button on the front to navigate to the Network Setup & follow the instructions in the manual. This part was tedious since you have to figure out when to click the button and when to use the volume knob to scroll through some menus. I would forget the Ethernet cable for now & see if you get the audio quality you desire through wireless.

Wow, tough grader to lead with the nits when some sonic aspects beat Ayre! Just kidding. Looking forward to more detailed comparisons vs Ayre as the Strata breaks in. Good stuff!

I connected the ethernet. I followed all the directions in the manual. The WPS is ON. The Wifi in also ON. The only thing missing is neither work. Should I have WPS and WiFi both on at the same time? I do see a broadcast icon on the Strata that is at about 50%.

Question for iphone users. When I go to Setup then Settings then Wi-Fi I NEVER see a device. All the screen info in on the WiFi channels/networks and other networks. Do any of you actually see an endpoint or a streaming device?

I need to ask more simple questions. I have the ethernet connected physically to the Strata. I do not intend to use WiFi for music.
Given this I presume I still need to enable WiFi to run the mobil app???
On the Strata I manually entered the network and password. I get Status Connected and RSSI: OKay
and on another screen WPS Connection Failed.
So when the PS Connect Ap says…“Press the WPS button on your devise” What does that mean. I go into the menu and find WPS and can set it to ON or OFF. I presume the instructions mean set it to ON and leave it that way?

I read the WPS instructions of the web for my Comcast modem and it said after pressing its WPS button you have 120 sec to press WPS on the device you wish to connect. To my mind that means press the modem button and run to the Strata and put it in WPS ON. Should I turn it off before I press the modem button then turn Strata WPS on while the modem is still blinking?

I’ve connected numerous devices to my LAN and NEVER had these problems

If you connect devices via Ethernet don’t connect them to WiFi/WPS. Your phone runs through WiFi and Strata will run over Ethernet (as this is your preference). It’s this simple, it’s all managed over your router which deals with Ethernet and WiFi connections.

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If your LAN is part of the same network as your WIFI, then no need to enable Strata’s WIFI. Strata’s WIFI is just another way of connecting to your LAN. If you connect over ethernet, then you’re good. Just make sure your phone or tablet is on the same network and everyone will be happy.


OK so I disabled WiFi and have the ethernet connected. That leaves me with what to do next? I still need PSAudio Connect to play Qobuz? But the app is still asking me to set up using WPS.? What do I do to play the ethernet through the Strata. Line 9 says bridge but that’s just a label.

One more thing. When I turned off the WiFi and tried to connect to my LAN via ethernet it took my password and then told me the network was not found. Same network that I’d used in the WPS failure. I’m going backwards here. With WiFi enabled it indicated network status Connected.

My DSD bridge II is very happy with the same network.

Why did the router ask for a password on the Ethernet connection? That’s unusual. Certain web sites need a password not the Ethernet connection?

The PS Connect app, if it’s on the same network, should now see your Strata. Once it does, you can play what you wish to it.

Not being able to see what you see is tough and I apologize. I am new to it as well. I’ll try and get Barry or TJ online this weekend to help.

Hey PS Audio crew. I found several typos in the instruction manual. Happy to run through them with who ever needs to know.

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It shouldn’t be that hard, we’ll help you out with it.

What dawkinsj means is that your Strata and your phone need to be on Wifi and on the same SSID. For example, in the PSAudio offices we have two wifi networks. One is PSAudio and one is PSGuest. You have to have both devices on the same network.

When dawkinsj says carrier network, he means your phone must have Wifi turned on and not be using your cell service for wifi. I assume both of those things are true, based on your description.

One thing we have seen is that some wifi routers (what you are calling the modem) don’t play well with the Wifi in the Bridge module on the Strata. This is not uncommon in today’s Wifi enabled world. It’s impossible for us to test the many hundreds to thousands of Wifi devices that exist, but we are very aware of this issue and are interested in working with you to resolve it, both for you and others.

I’ll ask our customer service team to contact you on Monday and get some information on your basic setup. If things don’t progress, let’s get on a call and work through it.

I also haven’t come across the issue with iTunes. I’ll look into that on Monday as well.

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Yeah, it shouldn’t be doing that.

@Ken_Eis - Sorry you’re having so much trouble getting the streaming to work. Just to make sure I’m 100% clear, you mean the Strata asked for your password, right? Or was it the PS Connect app on your phone? I’m assuming you mean the Strata, just want to verify.

When you attach the Ethernet do you see a little network icon in the upper left? It would look like this:

ethernet x20

You’ll see that regardless of whether you have Wifi enabled or not.If all you see is the Wifi icon, then your Ethernet isn’t being detected.

The Strata should not be asking for a password if Wifi is off. I’ll test that out this weekend.

At this point the easiest thing to do may be to shut down the router/modem, Strata and the phone and once you have the Strata connected via Ethernet if that’s what you want to do then turn them back on one at a time giving each the time to fully boot up before going to the next device. In order Router/modem, Strata and lastly iPhone. With a fresh start the discovery issue may resolve itself. With the Strata the best bet may be to pull the power cord to insure a fresh start.

Could someone explain, WHY is PS Audio using its own app/software? When there is already established, proven software like Roon to use?! As a software developer, it always baffles me when companies think it’s easy just to develop a robust app/interface that would work on everyone’s device and would have the usability, functionality, stability of people who have spent years doing the same work? Why? Many companies who ONLY make streamers use other Software, as that’s simply another area of expertise.

This decision has always baffled me… and most skeptical of the Strata features. I’d like a dedicated streamer or such integrated soon, and I wish one could use Roon on this instead. As proven by this thread, ALL issues and focus has been on the Software/App, and not much on the hardware, sound quality, etc… I believe just like Innuos, you guys need to enable the Strata to either work as Roon, or PS Audio client. This broadens the audience to people who have invested in Roon as well.