Better sound with DSD restart

I find that once every couple of months or more my DSD sounds better after turning off the power at the back and restarting it again therefore reinitializing it. I only require doing this once every few months. Does anyone else notice this? I did have the first tier mods done getting the Edcor XS4400 transformers and Jkrichards board with Keces P3 power supply.

Yes, unfortunately it is true. One mechanism is a brown out can cause the control processor to restart but not initialize everything correctly, so some stuff isn’t working properly. Also there have been releases where the FPGA could “slip a cog”, after a period a state machine would get out of phase with the others causing a little noise on some lines. I don’t think that happens in the latest releases, but I could be wrong.


Good to know and thanks for posting. I shut everything down when I travel for work, but not on a constant schedule. It sounds like, from what Ted posted, I should completely power cycle the DS anytime my house loses power. I’ve also noticed that my DS sounds better 24 hours after I power everything back up.


Just to make sure I understand, are we talking about the DirectStream DAC?

Yes but I find my PST does well to be restarted every once in a while as well. My Auralic Aries streamer reboots automatically every 24 hours which it benefits from. My source components need to be rebooted periodically like any computer components.


Thanks. My DSD hasn’t been switched off for months so I guess I’m in for a treat.

I think it’s because Ted used to work for Microsoft, and a lot of the FPGA code has it’s origins in Windows XP.


My DSDAC needed rebooting so often that after a while it didn’t boot at all… Ted has it in his workshop now to do the reprogram it for windows 98.

My system does sound much better for the reboot of the DSD. My system in fact never sound better.

WoW, after a power cycle, the brightness of the “S” sound in female vocal disappears

I will verify this on MK2