DirectStream shuts off

I searched the forums for similar issues but could not find one. I apologize in advance if I missed it. I just recently acquired a DS DAC and it worked fine at first, but now I get intermittent power shutdowns at least once a day and I was wondering if anybody else has had this problem and might know of a easy fix or what the deal is.

A brown out can cause the processor to reset, it’s sensitive so that you don’t generate a lot of noise if the voltages inside drop too far before the system mutes. On the other hand we don’t have people reporting this issue much at all. If you have some form of power conditioning that might lower the voltage a little, bypassing it for the DS might make a difference. If you have some sort of a power regenerator plugging the DS into it might make a difference. You can give PS Audio support a call and they might be able to help more.


That is extremely uncommon. Like Ted said, unless you have really inconsistent power, I wouldn’t expect this to happen. Can you tell if the power is completely going out or is it just going into standby? You’ll know if it’s standby if the blue logo button wakes it back up.

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No, the logo button is off and stays off until I press it or use the remote On button.

So it appears that the unit is just going into standby? This would be the case if all you have to do is hit the logo button or the on button on the remote for it to come back to life.

I suppose. I always thought it’s off with no power.

Does it seem like anything prompts it? Could it be another remote that you’re using in the room that shares the same IR codes as the DAC?

I thought of that. But no. It’s just so random. It doesn’t matter what input either.

So, I was finally able to bypass my Furman power conditioner. And, contrary to your suspicion, the result was an almost immediate shutdown of the DAC!

On the advice from Taylor N. at PS Audio Central, I reinstalled Sunlight. Near the end of the second day and no issues thus far. Fingers crossed!