Directstream Mk1 likes restart

Is there anyway to fix the Directstream from needing to be restarted every month or so for best sound. Some people claim that they never need to restart their Directstream but I need to restart mine every month or two for best sound. Is this normal or is it something that can be fixed? I love the sound of my mk1 and I have had it fully modded with APS transformers, vocm mod and external power supply to analog power board in the Directstream. I like my dac but I wonder if anything could be done to fix the need to restart it every month or two.

Remove all mods :wink:

The mods are actually incredible. They bring the dac to a higher level. The dac liked to be restarted before the mods. I love my dac.

I was joking.

My Dac is also modded apart from the APS.
I don’t recognise the problem.
Can you describe what you hear then?
Is a toggle of power enough?

A toggle of power once in a while cures the problem completely. It opens up the sound stage. I just toggle the power from time to time.

Wijnand describes a similar problem, but in streaming (switch).
The sound goes dark after a certain time.
And can be fixed with a power toggle.
Which input of the Dac are you using?

Streaming SQ? - Network Audio - PS Audio

I2S for PST and AES/EBU for Aries G2.1 streamer

I do not see this as something which needs to be “fixed”. Nothing is wrong with the unit.

Do you have a power plant? If so, have you used clean wave?

I don’t have a power plant but restarting the Directstream fixes the problem.

I restarted the Directstream last night after 3 weeks play and the sound is much better now for the restart.

Which is great.

Various pieces of kit in differing systems sound better after restart, warmed up, degaussed, etc. This does not mean something is wrong, rather you have discovered a way to make your system sound its best.

Could it be that there is small dc current running through the transformer causing it to go into saturation?

I don’t know but it sounds good for a while after restart.