Betting Pool: when DSD Mk1’s go on sale

With the PS Audio Transport on sale… Anyone want to start a betting pool when the DSD Mk1 goes on sale for close out?

Has to be in within next 60-90 days on the outside.

Not until Ted’s work is complete and all the parts for the Mk II can be secured, assembled and tested and production is ready to start. I think even 90 days is wishful thinking.

I was told the design was all set to go, then parts availability caused a design do-over. Officially they were hopeful for an end of December release, but realistically it was likely going to be a couple more months than that.

I would say that a fire sale is not going to happen considering the following quote from the DSD product info page… All units handmade to order in Boulder, Colorado

If the DSD is made to order… I’m sure there are not many completed ones lying about… with the pending demise of the DSD mk1.

I would suspect that it depends on what their inventory looks like for parts & materials that are specific to the DSD mk1. Once the release date of the mk2 is close at hand, that inventory will be relegated to repair work only. If they have more parts & materials than will be required for long term support of existing units, then it’s likely that they’ll go on sale pretty soon…

We did plan to do a “closeout” for the DSD nearly a year ago but we put a halt on that because the DSD MKII was delayed due to part availability. At this point, I’m not certain we will do one for the DSD. It would be a bummer to have down time between the DSD being “sold out” and the release of MKII.


with the incredible PST sale, I’m already wondering about a DSD II sale…

Makes sense, but hard to believe people are still paying full retail for DSD Mk1’s, but probably true.