NuWave audio converter

I see that the NuWave phono converter shows as no longer available. Anyone know when that happened? As in what’s the cutoff date when an order was made through, say, Music Direct, that won’t be fulfilled? Asking for a friend. :thinking:. Or something.

In July, the NuWave was “while supplies last.” If you want one, act now if you know of a source of inventory.

Yeah. I ordered, or I mean, MY FRIEND ordered first week in December at MD with drop ship from manufacturer. I haven’t seen anything since but “soon” (And now MD is saying end of February) so I’m thinking I’m outta luck.

I guess this is a forum mainly of customers so no one is likely to have any special insight. So I guess I’ll wait and see. My current phono stage isn’t bad. I was going mainly because it was the most affordable component other than a Sprout, which I already got. Now I can bank that money for something down the line. Probably a good plan.

Such is life. Not really upset. Kind of an “if it’s meant to be it will happen” deal and I’m good with that. God makes plans for a reason.

I hope it works out. Perhaps their taking your order is an indication they have a way to fulfill it.

It is a neat unit.

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upscale audio still has 2 in stock, one black and one silver.


I just bought the black one. . . .

It’s all good. That’s $1,000 I have now towards a DS Jr.

I tend to doubt it. Those “dropship from manufacturer” deals are iffy, even from good vendors like MusicDirect. They told me late February which certainly seems to be odd given that there are no more orders being taken by PS Audio. Oh well. I have a system I love and that’s good enough for the time being.

You know? I used all of my 8th grade graduation money to buy an epically shitty Soundesign all-in-one from the local Zayre’s Back in 1983 with a turntable that required quarters on the head to track a record. The system I have now, which many an audiophile might scoff at as being “inadequate to the vacation house or office” is so many light years ahead of what I ever imagined that I feel really blessed. I waited 25 years for my AF career to end to get something the movers wouldn’t steal or destroy? And I’m thrilled with what I’ve got.

So there’s bigger things in the world than to be sad about the one that got away.

This was on amazon but it comes from HI-FI heaven which is an authorized dealer

PS Audio NuWave Phono Converter in Black

Check directly with them if they have any inventory. We cut it off a few weeks ago when we sold the last ones in our own stock.

Thank you for the direct reply, Paul; always much appreciated and unexpected.

They don’t. They showed direct ship from you guys when I ordered it on the 3rd of December with their financing deal.

Like I said - there are bigger things in the world to get upset about when I’m already as blessed as I am.

Best to you and your team always and I’ll be grabbing something cool in the future with my recovered opportunity cost.

Mine is arriving Wednesday from Upscale Audio. I bet they have more, it’s still offered on their site after I purchased mine, so I don’t think they had just one.