BHK 250 and Tekton Design Double Impact 4 ohm speakers

Hi just bought a used LM 845 Premium tube amp. Midrange best ever, simple just amazing.
But the bass is very fat and sloppy on my Tekton Design Double Impact 4 ohm 96db speakers.

Now I have two options. Find some SET friendly speakers or buy a amp that sound a little like a tube amp and can deliver the current.

Heard so much good about the BHK. Just want to know if it can drive a 4 ohm speaker and if the sound will satisfy a tube lover?

We have a number of Tekton enthusiast here so I’m sure some of them can hop in. I know for a fact this pairing works well. Not only do a few owners have the pair and love them, but I’ve heard them myself and was very pleased. The mids were rich, highs were sweet, and the bass was strong and controlled. The 250 won’t have a problem driving them.

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I am also certain the 250 can drive them.

But the LM 845 Premium is a wonderful amp. You need to find some easy to drive sensitive speakers to fully enjoy this amp, too.

My B&W 800 Matrix speakers are 4 ohm and the 250 drives them perfectly with plenty of reserve power. The sound is smooth spacious alive accurate. It is not colored like many tube amps.

I had the Double Impact Special Edition speakers for three months and fortunately I was able to send them back. They produced plenty of sound but they simply were not as detailed, nor “tight”, as my long term speakers (SEAS Thor - DIY - 89 db). My Simaudio Moon amp produces 250 watts into 4 ohms, and it drives my other speakers very well. I tried all I could to get the DI speakers to sound good, but in the end I felt like my stereo had lost all the gains provided by my DS DAC and P12 powerplant.

My SMc Audio DNA-1 Upgrade Ultra 20+ drives the Double Impacts with ease. Although the DNA-1 is a solid-state amplifier it is pleasing to audiophile friends who own tube amps. My other amplifier is a Linear Tube Audio Ultralinear. The DNA-1 is a high current amplifier and per conversation with Eric Alexander/Tekton Design, the Double Impacts enjoy a high-power amplifier.

Go for BHK with Tektons. Jamesh nailed it already,not much to add :ok_hand:

I am more than happy with my PS Audio gear and Double Impacts. :partying_face:

Yes, it loves 4Ω loads (which is the majority of what it drives) and tube lovers adore it. It was the first solid state amplifier my old friend Arnie Nudell had in his system in 40 years. The first to make him switch from all vacuum tubes to a BHK. That was a real milestone.


Thanks Poul

Just a little nervous to buy a 5 year old amp.
No used ones in Denmark.

If I buy I wont have the money right away for the BHK pre-amp.

Can I use the Schiit Freya+ with it? It should be pretty good.

Also thinking about investing in a P15. Is it a good match with the BHK 250?

Schiit makes great products though I’ve not tried the model you refer to. P15 is perfect!