PS Audio BHK 250 power rating

Just to make sure I got it correct reading the specifications.

Is the BHK 250 a 2x125Watt amplifier?

Nope, it actually offers more power than that - 250 watts per channel into 8 ohms, and it doubles down into 4 ohms.

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Nice, you should add a 2x in your documentation.

I bought a BHK250+BHK Pre today so suspect they will drive my Dynaudio Special Forty with no sweat :slightly_smiling_face:

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That’s a fair point - let me look into updating the documentation.

And it should be a brilliant pairing :grin:

I’m a big fan of Dynaudio speaker - I run the Focus 160s in my main system. How are you like the Special Forty so far?

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I´m very happy with them.
I used to have a pair of KEF LS50 and the SP40 were a large upgrade.

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@Schroedster - Here is the Feature chart on the website… It seems clear to me…

Yeah, I was doing this exercise when looking at going to the BHK300 mono pair… it is the 2ohm spec that sold me… stable vs. 1,000watts. Having speakers that can dip down in impedance… but actually the BHK250 held up great when I was listening to a RUSH (Neal Peart) drum solo (3+min) at measured 110dB in my music room with zero difficulty… BHK250 stereo amp is bad as…

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I looked here

@peroo - Yeah, a very good point… myself, I read the whole product information, just love reading… that’s just me… however, for those not so inclined, they should make it more clear in the spec…

Also, you are going to love that BHK250. I have owned it for almost a year with zero issues and it is very, very powerful stereo amplifier.